Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Historic Corinne

I am in a play! How dang fun is that!? My friend Tash is in it and in charge of choreographing the dances. She asked to me take the place of a gal who broke her arm.

I am not from Corinne and it is put on every year by the people of that community but I feel right at home.

The people there have become such good friends. I LOVE going to rehearsals. This is my cup of tea and I had forgotten that since I have grown up.

I play a snotty opera lady. It is a blast!. The performances are Friday and Sat. night this coming weekend. You can go to the web page at www.historiccorinne.com. If you can, you ought to come and see it. Bring lawn chairs and blankets! It's fun and best of all, it's free!

They serve homemade peach cobbler and hot dogs, hamburgers and the best dang root beer you've ever had! I went to it last year. SO fun! Anyway, I am so glad to be a part of it this year! What a great experience! You can get directions and times from this link.

See ya'll there!


Lisa M. said...

And I plan to attend!


Jeri said...

Good for you - I think it may be a bit too far to drive for me, but I'll be with you in spirit!

Andy said...

How long does it show? Hmmmm...maybe a trek up north?

Yolanda said...

Once again, the previous comment was from ME, and not my husband!!

Lisa M. said...

*laughing* We are about two hours north!

Jennie said...

oh i love stuff like this!!! i am going to come! how fun!!!

i can't wait!!!

Charlotte said...


I really should come to this--heaven knows, you've come to stuff like this for me, and it does look like fun, and I've heard that it really IS fun.

But, Eric and I will be taking care of my young nieces that night. Rats.

We do need to get together though. Soon. (or as soon as we can manage it)

I'll e-mail you.

Yolanda said...

Lisa (and Melissa): My in-laws live in Brigham City, and my grandparents live in Tremonton...I know EXACTLY where you are!!!

melissa c said...

Charlotte, it is Friday AND Saturday! Come if you can!

Lisa M. said...

Oh yes, you keep mentioning that- I have a dead brain.

Well, then, you have no excuse.

GET your furr covered butt up here.