Friday, June 22, 2007

I feel I need to clarify. Once again, I am being misunderstood. What a surprise. To understand this post, you will need to read my last post and comments.

My husband is the hardest worker I know bar none. He averages 12 to 14 hour days, 6 days a week. We run our own plumbing business. He is wonderful to work like he does and when he plays on the computer, it is usually after the kids go to bed and he wants to wind down.

My kids are in baseball, karate and piano lessons. They have chores required of them everyday. Not to mention keeping their rooms clean, and reading at least 20 min a day.

My 11 yr old, who is almost 12 mows our 1 acre yard and has the job of mowing a few of our neighbors yards once or twice a week to earn money. He has already built a tree house, and is currently saving his money for college, mission and other little things he wants! He works harder than ANY other kid I know and he does it with a cheerful heart!

My kids play hard swimming, riding bikes and various other physical activities on a daily basis so yea, when they want to relax and play WoW on the computer, I let them! (with supervision mind you) My computer is in my room so no one uses it without my permission. Every kid needs down time. This game is no different in fighting good and evil then half the stories in the Book of Mormon for Pete's sake! Not to mention Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings etc...and no more addictive than many other activities that parents allow.

My kids are honest, hard working and fun and I am do a dang fine job as a mother! I am doing my best and that is all we are required to do. Someone else might have a different opinion on what is best and that is fine but I do what I choose. I follow my own heart, not some other persons opinions.

Some people are so judgemental and always have something critical to say about the way others live when they don't even know half of the story.

As for Lisa, she is one of my closest friends. Nothing I wrote in my last post had anything to do with her and if she had a problem with something I said, she would tell me so herself.

People don't always need to agree but please, have the courtesy to attack without a mask on.


Jeri said...

HOLY COW! that annonymous comment was sure a treat eh?

I will be the first person to vouch for the fact that I KNOW if this game became a problem in her home, Melissa would not just throw it out - she would be likely to have a ceremonial bonfire and family purging dance - just to make sure the message got through loud and clear to the whole family that there was a problem.

oh wait - this isn't going to help is it Melissa? Now your annonymous friend is going to think you are an evil cult bonfire worshipper or something along those lines.

Oh well - I tried! LOVE YA - you EVIL woman you!

Island Queen said...

Good on you Melissa!! I love how you are so strong and stand up for yourself.

Jennie said...

good grief! i agree with you whole heartedly! my cute hubby plays games and he loves them! he does it a lot, but that is something that helps define his character! i love to scrapbook! i do it alot, maybe too much sometimes! it also helps define my character! does our hobbies and interests make us bad people? no way!

live your life melissa! you are a person of honor and truth! that is evident in your words and stories!

who cares what "anonymous" thinks!

Melessa said...

I'm sorry to have jumped into the fray in that last entry, but you are one of the few LDS mommy-bloggers I read who I never worry about offending when I post my entries and I just couldn't let "anonymous" talk to you like that.

Lisa M. said...

Oh goodness.

I SO did not mean to start something.


As for what you said Melissa, I do know you, and I know you are very cautious. I did NOT mean you. I was just commenting about the game.

If I had something I certainly WOULD say something to you, as if it would be my place.

You're right. It is NOT the game, it is the issues that cause a person to lose themselves in what ever it is they are addicted too.

You do run a tight ship. Your kids are great and you and B are SO open and honest with each other-

I wasn't worried about you at all- nor trying to point stuff out.

I'm sorry.


you know you're the only girl I dream about sleepin with-

(it's the feather bed)


Yolanda said...


My husband does some marketing and logo design for the Harley Davidson dealership locallyl...The manager there looks like this: LONG pony-tail, long beard, fully-sleeved tattoos on both arms...Guess what? TOTALLY active member of the church (yes--he GOES to church!) "Judge not,(especially when ye lack ALL the info...) lest ye be judged..."

Don't even get me started on free-agency...

s'mee said...

oh my!

chronicler said...

Oh I don't know. There are two sides to every record. I think that maybe your anonymous commenter may just be trying to ring a warning bell. I don't think it does anyone any good to try and change someone's mind about something they choose to do so if I don't agree with someone, I usually just don't comment. I just hate to see anyone put on a spit for commenting an opposing view.

They didn't really say anything so controversial, or different than what I've heard in RS on any given Sunday.

Melissa, I am sure you've taken all those things into consideration before charging ahead, so what does it matter if they've gone on to make their point. It didn't change what you're doing so don't let it bring you down either.

just my two cents. I've watched this evolve over the last couple of days and it seems a good time to put it to bed.

melissa c said...

I completely agree with you Chronicler and that is what I have already done in my mind.

I don't see anything wrong with someone stating their opinion either, like I said before.

What I don't enjoy is someone personally attacking me just because I think differently than they do but, as far as I am concerned, it's over.

Lisa M. said...

Oh come on... it must have been chronicler-


I am very sorry I started such a brew-ha-ha