Monday, June 11, 2007

It has been a few days since I posted last. To be honest, there isn't anything I want to write about. Life is pretty good. I am loving summer vacation.

I was planning on getting together with my sisters and their kids this week. We were going to let the kids play before Jake leaves for South Dakota for a month. I heard that they are going to Cherry Hill today. A water park where they have a pass. We were not invited. Granted, I do live 45 minutes away from them and I don't have a pass there but I would hope, if the tables were turned, that I would at least be the kind of person to say, "we are all doing "this" if you would like to come." It is nice to be invited whether or not I go but when all the other cousins are going, I feel bad that mine are left out because we live "farther" away.

Maybe I am being a little sensitive but I don't really care. I think it is good form to include people.

So, I guess we will stay home and do something around here.

Jacob did make banana bread today. He is so talented. Even though he is only 11, he acts like he is 15. He is so grown up and I hate to see him leave for a month. He is going to work on our cousins sheep ranch. He is so excited! I am not! Bry thinks it will be good for him.

Well, I guess I did think of something to write so now, I am off. I need a nap!


Jennie said...

thanks so much for your post! i know exactly how you feel. it is never a good thing to feel left out of something... and i totally agree that the invite SHOULD be there... even if you aren't able to go... common kindness...

sorry... i hope that you have a fantastic day!

Lisa M. said...

That was not nice for them to invite you- You could have answered for your own self, yes or no.

Jake is going away for a month? GOODNESS.

We need to get together. I don't not include you, I just never do much fun.

Tomorrow I am going to Murray Park for a party for disabled kids it is at five thirty and the Jazz bear and clowns are going to be there- You are more than welcome to come with me.

Someone in our ward called Ethan a retard on Sunday, my feelings were really really hurt.

I came home though and hit the floor on my knees and I feel better now.

I have been making an effort, can you see that? I hope you are not the only one that can- I am honestly trying.

I love you, and your bright smile, and I am so glad that you are there, welcoming me with open arms and with out judgment.

People who leave you out, don't know what the hell they are missing. I wouldn't trade being your sister for all the tea in China- or the gas in Iraq.

And I mean that- with all my heart

s'mee said...

I agree that it feels bad to be left out, however I say next time this happens, just invite your self. "Mind if we tag along too?" If you can't go, say somthing like, "Oh that sounds like such fun! I would love to go with you all sometime, today just isn't good for us." Act as if you had ben invited, play dumb if it makes you feel better. This way they will have no doubt that you would like to be included and that an invitation is not an obligation.

Thor's family rarely invite each other because somewhere down the line they learned/taught that an invitation is an implied obligation to go/attend/participate. And rather than obligate you, they don't extend the invite. It took me a long time to realize they were trying to be kind, but in such a weird way! Now I just show up or invite myself and they are very happy I came.

Melessa said...

My sisters do this to me from time to time as well. I don't think they do it on purpose, but it hurts when they do.

Andy said...

I would invite you to EVERYTHING, EVERYTIME!!!!!

(Lisa...You are a better woman than I...There would of been a potty mouthed sailor, throwing toilet paper in the early morning hour...)

I'm lucky, in that my youngest sister and I are really close, and do a lot together...but we certainly have other family "issues!!!"

Feel the love, SISTA!!
xo Yolanda

Yolanda said...

that was ME by the way...My husband must of been logged in before me...