Monday, June 18, 2007

So, this is it. Jacob, my oldest, is going to South Dakota for a month tomorrow. He is going to help some elderly cousins of mine on their sheep ranch.

He will have a great time and learn a lot and be able to help out but man, I don't want him to go! I will miss him so much! I know it will be good for him and I remember spending the summer with my grandmother at that age in another state but I hate to see him go.

He is my right hand man. He is so much fun. (most of the time) and I am having a hard time letting go. Bry thinks it will be really good for him and I feel outnumbered! Jake is really excited to go but I worry. What if something happened to him while he was gone! I would never forgive myself for letting him go!

I'll keep you posted on how it's going but today, I already miss him.


Jennie said...

wow! you are so brave! i hope that all goes well... i am sure he will do great! (and so will you!!)

Jeri said...

aaahhhhh... growing pains (for both momma and son)

Lisa M. said...

You are so beautiful, ya know that Melissa. Heart, soul, and body-

What an amazing picture. I love the one I took of you and Jake at Willow Park that summer-

You both are lovely.

He'll be fine, and if something happens, I'll drive out there with you to get him.

It's hard to let em go, even for brief times.


Maren said...

That would be hard. Good luck to both of you.