Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Fun day

Well, I guess I need to write a retraction. Communication is not something my family has a problem with. In fact, we probably communicate too much if you get my drift.

I talked to my sister about the Cherry Hill thing. They live 5 minutes from it. They have a pass for the season. She says they go almost everyday. They go for and hour or 2 just to break up the day's monotony. She told me I am always welcome anytime and that I should know that.

I do know that and when I realized it costs $16.00 a person for an all day pass, I realized that I was being a little melodramatic.

She ended up coming up here for the day yesterday. It was a blast and guess what the kids wanted to do? Yep, go swimming. Go figure. We played at the Brigham pool for 3 hours and came home to play away the rest of the day. It was so much fun. I had forgotten how fun this sister is. I had really started to think that we had grown apart. I realized that that happens only if you allow it.

Granted, she has her own set of beliefs, personality, and way of looking at life, but the older I get, the more I believe that we can't let stuff like that get in our way and if you really look, I think we would all find that we as people have more in common than not.

Anyway, here's to you S. I love you and am so happy you came for the day!

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Jennie said...

i am sooooo glad that you got things worked out with your sister! that is the worst feeling... contention!

anyway... glad you had fun!