Thursday, May 03, 2007

Sugar .... anyone?

I have a new fetish lately. I have taken a liking to rock music. I don't know why. I have never really been in to it before but to be honest, I like the animalistic rawness of it.

So, I had an experience today with it that has convinced me that I am going to HELL! Do not judge me too harshly though. I have sins that are worse.

So I was in the car this morning with Gabe and Heidi and I had made a CD of some of my favorites . I like to rock out in the car to them. The song "Pour some sugar on me" came on and the little voice of my daughter in the back seat drifted up to me saying. "I love this song, mom. " She had said it so matter of fact and I started laughing. In a very serious voice, this 5 yr old asked me to not laugh at her. I told her I was laughing because she is so beautiful and makes me happy.

Now tell me folks. Am I the biggest sinner ever here? But, since I have vowed to always be honest in what I write. These are the facts. I love rock, I love rocking out in the car and my kids are always with me. What to do..... Obviously I am not too worried. Maybe I should be. I don't think I would have that particular cd playing if Pres. Hinkley were with me!!!

But only the good die young and I want to stick around for a while.


Yolanda said...

Ummm...Do you realize who you are talking to? I listen to my ipod in my car (with kids) and I finally had to make two playlistss: "Running" music, and "Clean" music...Sad, but true!!

If Def Leppard is what your kids are singing...honey...just look up some lyrics to Godsmack and Rob Zombie...

You make me smile!!
Your rocker friend, who will be your close neighbor in hell,

melissa c said...

I LOVE YOU! I will save you a spot by the fire!

Lisa M. said...

Try, Animals by Nickelback-

That is my current sin.

chronicler said...

Well, Melissa, as a true rock aficionado, "Pour Some Sugar on Me Baby" doesn't qualify as rock (Def Leppard isn't even in the top 25 list of rock bands). More like pop; so I don't think you are going anywhere but dancing!

When you get to Metallica, Hawkwind, Black Sabbath, Nine Inch Nails, the Doors, AC/DC, or Pink Floyd, we'll talk about who's going to hell. I own all of them. As some others. It isn't really the music, it's how it shapes your world, and what it makes you do under its influence.

Now back to my iPod!