Monday, May 28, 2007

A great day!

Happy Memorial day!

This is one of my favorite holidays. It is a holiday to be with family or go camping and to remember those who have left us.

We took the kids to see the new Shrek movie. It was pretty good but I liked the other 2 better. It was also very adult to me but they all are I think.

We had a picnic with my family and 6 out of 9 of my brothers and sisters were there. It was so much fun. We played kickball and I swear I never got to first base without getting tagged!

Plus, I couldn't run in my Birks so I had to run barefoot and it hurt my knee but I got it fixed this morning by my wonderful chiropractor! Love that man!

Aren't my sisters cute? I love these gals!

I'll put in a few pics of our fun day. I just love hanging with family.

This is my brother that I hadn't seen in I think about 2 years. How weird that we live so far apart when we used to see each other everyday!

This is what it is all about. Family. They are the ones that will stick by you through thick and thin. They are the ones who love you even when you're an a--, and they are the ones who love your kids even if they don't love you! he he

Of course everyone in my family loves me so it's is not ME I am talking about! (now they are all going to wonder who it is that I am talking about! I love suspense)


Jennie said...

what fun! i love family gatherings. i have a small family, but it doesn't make the occasion any less special.

i am so glad that you had a great time!

Yolanda said...

Glad you had a fun day!! Love the pics!! There is nothing better than family!!

Island Queen said...

Great pictures! It sounds wonderful :)

Charlotte said...

I recognize one of your sisters from visitng your house in Bountiful back in the SUU days (but I can't remember her name)

You all look just great.

Miriam said...

Hi Melissa. I came across your blog a while back and read it once in awhile. So fun to know about your life--and I loved seeing the picture of you with Sarah and Tina!! One day I'll take the long way to Logan and come see you. --Miriam

Maren said...

Looks like a fun holiday. I love family gatherings.