Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I finished the book I was reading this morning. There is something so exciting about coming to the end... not wanting to lay it down and yet...not wanting it to be over.

This was a long book called "The Historian". It was heavy reading and It has taken me quite a while to read. That could be because I don't have a lot of time to do it!

But it was fascinating. The story took place in Turkey, Bulgaria and Hungary. It was a story about Dracula. Written so well, that it was easily believable. Wonderful. What colorful histories these countries have. I would read about something and then go look it up on the Internet. Fascinating.

I love books like that. You know, the kind that tell a wonderful story but teach you about history too. I also love one word titles. I think they sound more ominous or telling. Like, "the Client" or "The Bible" he he.

So, another book takes it's rightful place on the bookshelf. An honorary spot only for those I have read and loved. May there be many more.


Yolanda said...

Okay...We must of known each other in our past life, because I am currently reading "The Historian," and have about 200 pages to go!

Have you read the book "Twilight" by Stephanie Meyer?..I usually don't like young adult fiction, but this book is FANTASTIC (plus, it really puts you in "the mood!") It was chosen by someone in my book club, and was a pleasant surprise! I HIGHLY recommend it.

I'm beginning to lose count at how many similarities there are between us...

Have a great day!!
xo Yolanda

chronicler said...

hey melissa, who wrote it? and is it current or something to look for at the used bookstore?

melissa c said...

OH MY WORD!!!What are the odds? This was not a common book I didn't think.

For those who are interested. It is by Elizabeth Kostova. My copy looked older but I see it came out in 2005.

So cool Yolanda! We must have similar life paths!!!

Jennie said...

i always love a good book! i also read "twilight" recently and totally loved it! i, too, highly recommend it! so great!