Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's day!

Happy Mother's Day!! This is a day that is not always a happy day for some women. Some women have no children and want to be mothers, some women are in abusive relationships or have rebellious children. Some mothers are depressed, some single, and doing it all alone and feel over whelmed. There are even mothers in jail because they did drugs, lost their kids and are contemplating their futures. Sad and all too real.

I am a lucky mom. I have a good man, great kids (most of the time) and a nice house to live in. Enough money and a happy life. I feel so blessed. I wonder if it is luck or blessings because, to be honest, I do not feel like I have been a "better" person that many of the other women out there who are not as "lucky".

Bry did good today with his Mother's Day gift. In fact, it was one of his best. He got me a gift certificate for a massage, facial, pedicure and manicure! Wow! How cool is that!? Now that is a good man! I may have a few complaints once in a while, but he always seems to rise to the occasion.

And now, for my mother, where ever you are, I love you. I miss you. I wish you were here so I could kiss you. I wish you were here to kiss my babies. I wish you were here to go on trips with and shop with. I wish you were here to argue with. I can still imagine the feel of your skin and the smell of your clothes. I can almost hear your voice. How I wish you had had more time here.

I hope this special day is a good one for all of you mothers out there. Whether you have your own children or get to mother someone else's kids. Kuddos to you. It is a very hard job and we definitely need each other.


Island Queen said...

What a great family picture!!

Happy Mother's Day friend :-)

Yolanda said...

Awesome picture!! You look BEAUTIFUL!

Charlotte said...

I don't have too much to say--but since you love comments, I thought I'd leave one.

I think this picture is JUST ADORABLE.