Saturday, May 19, 2007


This morning, as I started to leave the house for a run, I just didn't feel like listening to my normal running mix. I clicked on Yanni "In my time" instead.

It made the mood completely different as I ran and every time I run to classical or new age, I do better. Weird.

Anyway, it was so perfect. As I ran past a pasture, the calves were running around together playing, almost as though it were choreographed to the music. The sun had not yet come over the mountains but the sky glowed where it would come up. It was so beautiful and so serene.

The quiet with the soft music made me feel joyful, as corny as that sounds, I couldn't help but thank God that I lived here. Here, surrounded by corn and alfalfa fields. Cows and horses grazing. Beautiful pointed mountains at my back and blue sky all around me.

I felt like I was running through a piece of heaven. Something made just for me. I love to get out there early on the weekend when hardly anyone else is even out of bed. It clears my head and when I choose just the right music for my run, it completely changes my day.

Thank you, Heavenly Father for this gift this morning. I cherish these early birthday presents.


Yolanda said...

Birthday?! When?!

Maren said...

That sounds delightful. I love that album by Yanni.