Friday, May 04, 2007

I wanna dance!

Lately... I just wanna dance! I don't know what it is but when I turn on music, I want to move it, move it , move it!

Ricki Martin makes me want to get out my Latin hips and swing 'em! In Venezuela, I learned the salsa, and merengue. LOVE THEM! Dancing is a primal instinct we all have in us.

I turn on music and even a 1 yr old baby starts to move! Everyone laughs at that but it is real. The beat is in us!

I have not been dancing in YEARS! I also married a man who has no desire to dance let alone take me anywhere to dance! POOR ME! This is the hardest thing because I yearn for someone to dance with me like this picture here! I think I must be in a mid life crisis!

So I turn up the music loud and go to it with my kids! They think I am crazy and my 11 yr old tells me I need to "get a room". I don't know where he learned that phrase but I'll wash his mouth out later!

Right now.... I'm dancing!


Maren said...

I love music and dancing too (hard to tell since mobility has been such an issue--but back when it was less of a problem, I went out dancing as often as I could and was always moving to music). I have a dream of learning to dance all kinds of ways, with Jeff, preferably. We took a ballroom dancing class before we were married and that was seriously the only time we ever fought. Hopefully next time we take lessons, it will go better.

Lisa M. said...

I love dancing too-

I'll take ya!