Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I went out with a friend of mine today. We got our nails done and went shopping. It is so nice to have girlfriends. Someone to talk to about anything with. Even us mommies need that. So often women get married and quit hanging with their girlfriends.

This particular gal wants to go to the Erasure concert. I like Erasure too but she found out it is going to be a gay celebration or something. Anyway, her husband does NOT want to go. I told her I would love to go with her. We'll hold hands and hug and everyone else will leave us alone!

I will pull out my tight jeans, big hoop earrings and dance the night away!

I go through cycles where it really bugs me when the hubby never wants to do what I like to do. Then, I remember that that is why I have girlfriends! To do the things with that I enjoy that Bry does not.

I had a talk with my sister about this. Her best friend is also married to a "white" . She has to do the same as me. Hang with the girls when she wants to have fun. I wish it were different and Bry and I do compromise most of the time but I have found that I have more fun with the gals at certain activities.

Thank heavens I am married to a man who gives me complete freedom. It doesn't bother him a bit when I leave to go play. He probably looks at it as a night of freedom!

So, Here's a toast to freedom, ladies!

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