Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Up all night!

Good morning. I am feeling much better now about Gabe. My sister thinks it is just a personality thing. She says that most parents have at least one child the rubs personalities with one of the parents.

I just spent all night up with Heidi and Gabe while they threw up. Yuck! We were on our way to the circus yesterday and Heidi said her tummy hurt and then before I knew it, she was throwing up and up and up! We pulled into a gas station to clean up as best we could, then turned around to go home. Talk about disappointed brothers!

Heidi stayed in bed throwing up nothing until about 10:00pm. At around 2:00am I heard Gabe crying, went in there and he had thrown up all over his crib. I brought him into my bed too. He wanted to cuddle but wouldn't go to sleep so an hour later, I changed all of his sheets and put him back to bed.

This morning, they are doing better but are only drinking sprite. I am tired and doing LOTS of laundry!!!

So now I ask myself, "Why did I want to have another baby?" HELLO!!! THINK McFLY, THINK !!

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momyblogR said...

Gosh, I hope all are doing better. Man, puking kids are rough. Yes, THINK McFLY....THINK!!

Take care.