Thursday, May 18, 2006

a tribute to space cadets

It's Free Friday! Yea! I love today! No one but me has any work! (at my house that is). My husband was out of town last night so after I put the little ones to bed, I invited J who is 10 to sleep with me. He always begs to and never gets to because the others won't stay downstairs unless he is there. Unless they are alseep of course, It was so fun. He is such a great kid.

At 4:00 am the others came in. It's a dang good thing I have a king size bed! Needless to say, I didn't get a whole lot of sleep after that.

There is something disturbing on my mind. Alot of people have told me I don't listen when they talk. It's not that I inturrupt, I just only hear half of the conversation I guess. I don't know if it is that I am trying to think of more than one thing at a time or what. But I will be talking with some one and say, I don't remember you telling me that. My husband thinks it is because I don't find what they are saying interresting. I don't think that is it. I feel really bad I do it but if everyone is telling you you do that then I guess it's true.

Here's what I think. I AM POSSESED! Or maybe I have a split personality! I have actually started to pray for help with this because it probably makes me look like a snob. I love people and love to visit, but I am a space cadet! I'm not even blonde! HA HA HA!! (bad joke I know).
Anyway, anyone have any ideas about that? I really just need to focus better. Part of it is that I am tired alot. I forget things all the time and drive the fam crazy! I feel so sorry for my kids because like last week, I forgot H had a fieldtrip with her preschool and I was supposed to take her early. Needless to say, she missed it. Maybe I am needing some vitamin or mineral I'm not getting. Who knows! But it is starting to bother me. Oh well, cheeryo! I better go and check my day planner so I don't forget anything today!


Yolanda said...

My mantra? "If it's not written down, in plain sight, it WILL be forgotten..." (You should see my calendar on my fridge...Oy!!)

Remember, since you are a mom and a wife, you have to remember that much more, because if you don't, then they won't either!! That's a lot of things to remember!!

Lisa M. said...

Um, sis.

Your tribute rings true since it is only THURSDAY.

*laughing* Ya know I love ya.

I don't think you are a space cadet. I think you have a hard time turning your mind off other things when you are talking. I have seen ya get lost in thought when I am talking. It doesn't offend me at all, because I knwo the conversation is going to turn to what is going through your mind next.

I think your a great conversationalist. Don't fret so.

Anonymous said...

I agree focusing is the key. Make a choice to remember and keep it forefront in your mind. You remember tons of things every day, now just "be" conscience it what you are already good at. Good Luck, and don't be hard on yourself -- you rule! And we all go through it.