Monday, May 22, 2006

foster care

I had a request to talk about my feelings on doing foster care. I honestly have my feelings go back and forth most of the time! Right up front, it is hard. It can be emotionally draining and yet on the flip side, very rewarding.

What most people don't know is that they get to choose what they want. The state does not drop off what ever they have! You can choose male or female, just babies or just teens or. whatever you feel best about. When they call with a placement, if it doesn't feel right for whatever reason, you can say no to it. They always have at least 3 families in mind before they even ask you so it's not like you are abandoning a child before you even get them. They baby we had and ended up adopting was my 3rd or 4th call. I had said no to the others but when they called about G, I immediately knew we should take him. He was a hard baby but wonderful and beautiful too. I know he was supposed to be here.

If you get a placement and it is just not working, you can have them removed. I have actually done that before too. The state has an insurance program for any damage done to your property by a foster child.

You can also choose between respite care which is if a foster parent goes on vacation or needs a break, you babysit for a week or so and that's it. You can choose to do emergency care and that is if they have a child that needs a place to stay RIGHT NOW, can you take them? But that is NOT long term. It can last form 2 weeks to a month or so until they find a foster family. You cannot keep that child for long term. When they find a home you have to give them up. That is hard for some. I do that and the regular long term. Sometimes it is nice to know you won't have to keep them for long!

There is good and bad in anything you do. This is something that I believe the Lord needs help with. These children need a loving home and yes, it is hard but they make it nice by giving you so many choices.

Will I keep doing it? Do I think it is worth it? Well, I am relicesing in June

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