Monday, May 15, 2006

Race for the Cure

I had the most awesome experience this weekend! I ran the 5k in the Race for the cure in SLC. I was planning on doing it alone and then the day before, my sis S. who is in town said she wanted to do it with me.

I LOVE the atmosphere there in the morning! So many people there in pink and excited! Our mom died frome breast cancer 11 years ago and every time we can, re run for her! We got there early and went to all the different booths. We each bought a couple toe rings that were pretty and just mingled.

We got up front to do the warm up and I was so happy to be there with S. I really didn't want to do it alone but would have. Now S is this tall, lanky, gorgeous gal. She is 5'11" and has a beautiful figure but she doesn't run. She even wore converse shoes and at the last minute said she would run as much as she could with me.

It was very exciting and we were off. The first thing I noticed was that I have a very slow pace! Here we were practically in front and all these people started passing us! I felt like an old lady! S stopped to walk and I kept going. I had to walk up the hills. I couldn't run them. I hadn't trained to and that part was hard! But I finished in 39 min. and 27 sec.! I was actully really happy about that! I just wanted to finish under 40 min! S. was only 4 minutes behind me! There were bagpipes playing as I crossed the finish line. It made me start to cry. My mother LOVED the bagpipes and we girls even sang "Danny Boy" at her funeral. S. was crying to as we finished. It was a moment I will never forget. So touching. It made my whole weekend.

What a wonderful way to honor the people in our lives that we have loved and lost. I am going to do it every year!


Maren said...

Congrats on the run. I admire people who run and are committed to exercise too.

Yolanda said...

Good for you, girl!! I'm sure your mom loved watching you and your sister run in her honor.

Gotta love toe means summer is officially here!

lammyann said...

My 3 sisters and I are running for the cure next fall here in Kansas City!!! We are so so excited...
We run for our dad who was diagnosed with breast cancer.
I'm sorry for the loss of your mother. Thank you for sharing it with me.

Lisa M. said...

I'll go with you next year. *smile*