Saturday, May 20, 2006

Yea for Saturday

Well, here it is Saturday. I love this day. I also want to say that I realized about a half hour after I typed the last entry that it was really Thurs. not Fri. My goodness.

I have had my nephew here since Thurs. He is the son of the sis with unusual piercings. Anyway, He is wonderful. He is almost 12 and a really hard worker. Today, we have been cleaning the house because everyone is coming over and that boy worked hard. He vacuumed the whole house which is pretty big and always needs to be picked up along the way.

My son J has been a little missionary to him and he is just soaking it up. I really think he is looking for the stability that the church offers. Plus, I think he's curious about what all of his relatives believe in. His Dad's whole family is active too. He was raised in Oregon though and not around any of his active relatives. I told him the Joseph Smith story and he sat there glued.
I found REAL Birkenstocks at the DI today in Lisa's size. They were practically bran new and looked liked someone had worn them in the garden. I had bought the Birkenstock cleaning kit so I cleaned them up and I'll give them to her tonight. I am so excited! Do you think that is tacky? Maybe but I know Lisa loves the DI as much as I do. Got to support the church somehow!!

Well, got to go! I sure love you all. Have a wonderful weekend.


Yolanda said...

I have been doing heavy "spring cleaning" all week...Which has made it seem like Saturday all week...Which has sent me into a panic on more than one occasion by making me think I had to teach my lesson the next day!!
I think ANYTHING involving shoes CANNOT be tacky...

Lisa M. said...

I love you I love you I love you! YEA!

I am sorry I didn't get over to get them I will after church tomorrow I promise!


Jewel said...

Hi, Melissa
When ya get done at your house, come on over to mine. :)
Have a great day.

Island Queen said...

Wow! I love the DI. I wish I could go more often. The closest one to me is in Los Angeles and it's still a ways away. Ok.. you're really making me want to get some Birks!

Mel said...

You gotta love the DI;)