Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My visiting teaches came last week and we had a very interresting discussion. I actually opened my big mouth in relief Society on Sunday and told about it. Everyone laughed and thought it was very funny. Of course there is always that sister who makes an extrememy sprirtual comment right after to bring the spirit back after I shoo him away!

This is what it was. The Merrits of Polygamy! We were talking about how we as women are always beating ourselves up about being the perfect mother, woman, wife, latter day saint etc.... If we were still doing polygamy, we wouldn't have to be. we would have support from our other "sisters". Think of it, help with laudry, dishes, babysitting. gardening, running errands etc. Plus , I know alot of women are very lonely when first married and living with a baby. There were some great benefits. Instant friends and helpers. Now, as far as the sharing the husband thing goes, I could probably do it if I had to but it would be very hard. I would always wonder if my husband said the same things to "her" in bed or touched her the same way or if he liked her body better. That would be hard. On the other hand, You'd get a few nights off with peace and quiet!

Anyway, my comment was a hit! Some thought I ought to each a miniclass at homemaking night! Oh well. It's just one of those things I just shake my head at and can't believe I said it!


s'mee said...

I used to say that if she did dishes... bring her on home! There are/were times when I really could say the whole poligamy thing wouldn't bug me. I wonder if it were a reality for me if it would. hmmm. anywho, great post!

1st time here thanks to LDS chicks!

I'll be back!

Yolanda said...

I LOVE topics that ignite a good debate/discussion!! I wish you were in my ward ;)

melissa c said...

Thanks guys! I wonder fi some of the people IN my ward like me being in THEIR ward!!!

Jettara said...

My DH and I have talked about the poligamy several times. I can see both the pros and the cons to it and am sure that if the good Lord says and the laws were changed that I could deal with it, but until then life will go on in its normal way. Love your blog