Monday, June 05, 2006

It's Summer!!!

Yea! It is the first official day of summer here at our house! School got out on Friday and I love it! Today we are going to see "Over the hedge" with some friends and then to their house to play in a little pool.

I am sorry I have been so down lately. It bothers me and I know as well as anyone that people don't want to listen to your problems all the time. I have terrible PMS and I always have. Once it is over, I feel great again but life seems so bleak when I am going through it.

I love the feeling of freedom I feel this time of year. I love having the kids around although I am always ready for them to go to school in the fall!!!

This summer I want to plan fun things to do and at my house, we keep a schedual. All chores need to be done by 11:00am unless we are going somewhere earlier and then we can play all day. That includes their family jobs (they each have 2) their rooms clean, they are dressed and have eaten and the piano is practiced. Plus we will have reading time each day which seems easier to get done than in the school year.

I got up and did 30 minutes of speed walking today which felt good. I haven't run for 2 weeks. I was in so much pain I just coulnd't keep it up. My shins and ankles were killing me. It's the same old thing. The sacrum goes out of alignment and everything else starts to hurt too. The chiropracter suggested speed walking and I wasn't too excited about it but it was actually good. I still have pretty good endurance after 2 weeks but I was sick the whole weekend and that takes alot out of you.

It looks like all the kids are all better too. Everyone had taken turns with this flu thing and now, we are starting off the summer feeling good! If anyone has any fun ideas for summer fun, let me know. I live in northern Utah so I prefer not to drive too far away! We can't afford the gas anyway!

I have decided to grow my hair out again. I wonder if that will really happen, but I am ready for a change. Hope you all have a fabulous day!

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