Tuesday, June 20, 2006


I was sitting here after just reading my patriarchal blessing and I have this feeling that I can't desribe at the moment. I thought about how serene I was feeling. It made me think of all the things I find that make me fill this way. One of the things is our animals. Our little filly was born last summer. she is so sweet and we lover her so much. There is something about babies
that makes me melt.

Duke is the other pet I adore and feel peace around. He is the light one. He makes me feel safe and comforted. Wierd how dogs can do that.

The next thing I love is a sunset. Both of these pictures were taken from my back porch. Can you see why I love where I live. I get to see God's magisty every time I step outside. I feel loved and watched over when I see a sky like this. Who could possible doubt the existance of God in a world like this?

Serenity, for me is found in my children's faces. I took these up camping and when I look at them, I can remember how much I love them. After a day like today, I really need that! Sometimes I forget who they really are and that they have been intrusted to me for safe keeping. Am I keeping them the way HF wants me too? I am really trying.

This is the baby we adopted this past winter. He is adorable and I know he is supposed to be with us. Sometimes I still struggle with our bonding but I know he is a very special and power (if I may say that) spirit. He is so happy in the midst of the struggle that has gone on in his like just to get him to where he is. I stand in awe at his spirit and am humbled that he was given to me. Many days I do not feel worthy of such a gift and stuggle with deserving the blessing I have in him.

My little missy here is a strenth in serentiy that I will forever cherish. There is something about her that makes me weep. She is "one" with the animals in a way I only dream of. when I am sad she comes up to me and says "you're smiling! I can see it" in this cute little voice that always makes me laugh! I cannot resist her beautiful little self! I would eat her up if I could!

This is my right hand man! I could not live without this boy. He is my oldest and the one I most depend on. My hubby is pretty much never home and I don't think I would be sane without this one. Talk about serene. It was a hard day for me and he came in and asked if he could make me cookies. Only an idiot would say no to that beautiful face. The cookies turned out great, He fed all the animals so I could soak in the tub and read a good book and got all the kid's jammies on for me! Heaven sent! He does cause his share of troubles. Don't get me wrong, but dang! Is he a mean cook!

So for the long and short of serenity. It is whatever brings your spirit peace, whatever calms your temper, it is what ever fills you with the spirit of love and patience. These are the things in my life that make it richer. May you be able to see the blessings in your life today. Love, Me

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Jewel said...


What a beautiful post. I have a hard time finding things to post. But your words are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing them. I hope you have a fantastic day. You deserve it.