Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Sabbath Day

I want to share how I feel today. I woke up in a very bad mood. My hubby and I had a disagreement yesterday that has really bothered me. My sister and her husband are building a new house and B is doing the plumbing on it. (he's a plumbing contractor, you see) Well, He worked on the sub rough yesterday and we were all there letting the kids play in the dirt and it was really fun. At the end of the day, he informed me that he was coming back tomarrow, on Father's day mind you, to finish some little thing.

Now, I am not perfect by any margine, but I always try to do what is right. It is sometimes a challenge where "keeping the sabbath day holy" is concerned. His ideas are different from mine. He wasn't raised in the church and sometimes I wonder what the crap is going on in his mind now that he is a member. I told him I did not want him to work on Sunday and that he had promised me a long time ago he wouldn't any more. I didn't want to argue about it in front of my sister so we went home irritated at eachother.

I got up feeling that he has the right to choose as he wants to but I am the mother of my family and my children are my priority when it comes to doing what is right. I told them that we are not going to go back to my sister's house today, (which they we upset at) because when I take the sacrament, I make 3 promises over and over every week. I asked my kids what those were. My 10 year said "to always go to church?" I told him, "no". I promise to take Jesus' name on me and explained what that means. Then I said I promise to try to always choose to do what He would do. Would he go work on a house on Sunday? Especially when it is not an emergency? Then I exlained how I promise to keep his commandments, which is where keeping the Sabbath holy comes in to play.

I am not perfect. I make lots of mistakes. The one mistake I WILL NOT MAKE is for my kids to think I am a fence sitter or that I am wishy washy. I know the gospel is true. I love it. I soak in it. My prayers are frequently answered immediately because I have worked so hard to get to that point. I have had so many experiences that leave me no room to doubt. I know Christ lives and that he is our Saviour. He's not just some great man who taught valuable lessons. I am devoted to him and I want to show him that I feel that way.

I know am one of the only ones in my family who feel this way. I am frequently teased or argued with when the subject comes up with all my brothers and sisters. (there are 9 of us). They don't get how I feel and there is No way to explain or describe it. Sometimes I feel very alone and lonely when I am with my big family. I wish my mom were here. I know she would revel in the gospel with me. I guess she still can. I just can see her do it! Anyway, a testimony has to come from inside. A person has to yearn and desire for a testimony and work for it and alot of people don't want to .

Anyway, After B and I got home, we never discussed it. I figured I would deal with it if it came up. It didn't. We are enjoyeing a nice Father's day. Although I sure wish B would just feel like I do. I get tired of being the teacher sometimes. I wish B would have a stronger testimony. I wish he had the desire for a stronger one. But everyone in their own time I guess. It i so hard to be patient! I am very blessed though because he is a great man who loves me unconditionally.

May the Lord belss your Father's Day.

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Yolanda said...

What a beautiful example you are to your children...I'm sure it is a life-lesson they will remember, even when they are much older.

Although it may not of been an "ox in the mire" type of situation, this is the same man who took his family to the temple, and loves you dearly...I guess we are all down here to "refine" those rough edges we all have!

Love ya!