Friday, June 09, 2006

Our Town

Yea!! It IS Free Friday once again. Of course, it's not free for me! To be honest, I have nothing exciting or deep to write about today. Nothing to cause controversy or depate about. I think that is nice though.

It's raining outside and so beautiful. Some gals in my ward go running 3 times a week and invited me to come along. It was so hard to get out of bed, but I managed and I am so glad I did. I usually just run on my treadmill.

I was worried at first because they started out a little faster than I am used to but it felt good to push a little. There were quite a few hills that nearly killed us but we are all pretty much at the same level and that is nice. I was worried that I would feel frusterated if they were slower or that I would hold them back. It was a great workout and it started sprinkling at the end. SO Beautiful. We are going to run the 4th of July 5k. I can't wait! I love that race.

In my town, the 4th is a wonderful day! I never leave to go anywhere else. I live in a small town and everyone knows eachother. The night before is a big bar-b-q at the park with a movie. The 4th starts with the 5k, a flag cerimony, breakfast at the firestation, and parade. Then at the park there is fishing for the kids (with their hands). That is so fun. Pie eating contest (which Lisa and I did last year, or 2 years ago. I forget) Helicopter rides and contests etc. Now, that may not sound that big, but I am telling you, Our town is so small that the post office doesn't even deliver mail! I love it that way. It is growing and some great people are moving in but at the same time, I don't want it to grow. I moved here because I like it small! But the gals I ran with are all from new houses so I guess it is a good trade!!! In the evening are the best and longest fireworks I have ever been to. It really is incredible. I know people who drive over an hour to come to these fireworks because they are so good.

I LOVE our town. I love the people. I love the home grown atmosphere and how safe it feels. I love the mountains in front of me and fields and fields behind me. I love that I see tractors and combines driving down the hwy on a daily basis. I love the smell of fresh cut alphalpha. I would buy that in a perfume if they made it! I am so happy here where I live.


Lisa M. said...

The Fourth of July has always been one of my most favorites. Living in *our* town, and cemented it.

I love our celebration too. It is the perfect American party. I love watching the children on their bikes in the parade. I love the greased pig contest, and the fish one too. It is just great.

It always brings tears to my eyes.

And I have loved LOVED L_O_V_E_D sitting with your family at the fireworks. I have some picutres, I should post! They are so beautiful.

This was such a great post.

Maren said...

It sounds like a great place to live. Lisa had told me before about the celebrations on the 4th. I wish I could bring my son so he could see the fire truck. I think that would make his life.

s'mee said...

Man! Thia is one of the things that I think would make living in Utah bearable for s'mee. I am totally a SoCAL girl, but when I hear about the small town fireworks and town party, I want to pack up and move...for about a month.

When I was little the 4th was the biggest day of the year for us, not so much anymore; and that's a shame.

momyblogR said...

Man, can I please, please, PLEASE come to your house for the fouth? There are only four of us and I promise we won't stay, lol!

Small hometowns are great. I also love where I live....not too small town but such a sweet place.

Oh, and I'm NOT running in any race, lol! I will however, love to be a pie eating contestent.