Saturday, June 24, 2006

What is the worst thing in the world a woman can possibly go through? Stumped? Well, I experienced it today. I went shopping for a swim suit! I tried on like 15 of those little beauties! I wondered what people would think if I just went out naked to get more to choose from! I hate having to get completely dressed to do that!

Anyway, trying to find one that fits the hips AND the boobs is nearly impossible! If it fits the hips, it is huge up top. The tankinis are really cute until that little roll of fat around my belly spills out over the bottoms! It really was hard not to bust up laughing in the dressing room. Of course, I can't complain too much, I do look better this year than last!

I finally ended up with a really cute tankini that I also bought a skirt bottom to go with. No, I will NOT be modeling it, nor posting it for all you friends to see! I do have my pride after all!!

Change of subject. I talked to my sister T this morning about what I blogged about before. She does not believe in the gospel but is very spiritual. She basically layed it out straight. She told me that the reason I was feeling so bad is because I had separated myself from God. If a person has the spirit and is in tune with Him, they will not care about that other stuff because they will be filled with the spirit! I sat there will my mouth hanging open. Sometimes she really surprises me. I am so used to us believing differently. Ever since that conversation, I have felt so much better about it. In fact that scripture came to mind that says, "Charity suffereth long and is kind, is not puffed up, seeketh not her own,(which means, is not cliquish). Anyway, it made me realize that I was not feeling charity and it totally changed my outlook. The pure love of Christ has no judgements and it is not my place to judge these other women.

I believe I was given this experience to teach me this lesson. I believe all that we go through is to teach us something. I is our job to recognize what that lesson is and to learn from it. I believe the one and only reason we are here is to learn to love eachother. It's the hardest lesson there is. We always want to blame someone else for our circumstances. I heard a thought once that says "You are in life, exactly where you want to be." It's very profound if you think about it.


Yolanda said...

Target has great swim separates to choose from...that helps with size differences between tops and bottoms...

Loved the moment with your sis...It's neat to think how everyone has been given divinity within's just using this that life we have been given to find and cultivate it!

Yolanda said...

"it's just using THIS life we have been given..."

oops...I'm working with just one eye!

Maren said...

I like your sister's thoughts on this. What a wise woman.

momyblogR said...

Aw, c'mon....pleeeeease show us the suit, roll and all, LOL!!! So glad you found one and I agree getting completely undressed 42 times, stinks. I think I would have walked out naked....thank goodness my girlfriend was with me when I shopped.

I totally agree, when my walk with the Lord is distant I feel and respond not always in a loving way. Being a spirit filled woman doesn't always KEEP me from feeling poorly about a situation but it does keep me convicted to conduct myself in a manner that will be pleasing to Him. As well as being an example to others.

Not always easy!

There are lessons in every circumstance of life...I believe there are no mistakes and nothing is by chance. I just have to remember to pray that I will be shown what the lesson is. I at times think I can figure it out myself...then I see just how feeble I am.

I've started an online Bible study with some woman....we are reading the book Captivating....Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman's Soul. It's a FABULOUS book.

Ok, probably more than you wanted to hear, lol. But that is just my two cents. :):)

Lisa M. said...

UM where is the swim suit pic?

Mel said...

Uggh! I'm going swimsuit shopping tomorrow.

Just because you dislike the cliques doesn't mean you don't have charity in your heart, does it? I hope not, because those high school cliques that continue into adulthood are very annoying.