Monday, June 19, 2006

Sleep, sleep, wonderful sleep!

How I wish I could sleep like this! I have started staying up late at night and yet my kids still wake up early. My husband actually wakes up earlier than they do and so I feel like from 5 am on I get these little cat naps that just don't cut it!

Sleep is SO underrated! I am one of those that need 8 to 9 hours. I know that sounds impossible but I have done it before! I know it's possible!

Going to sleep is like going to the movies for free every night! I have wonderful dreams that I can remember!.

I love my king siz bed! We used to have a queen but I will never go back! This bed is just right just for me! I let B have about a foot or so to be nice though.

I found this bed is the classifides. It was only $350.00. The guy who makes them sells them to retailers in Utah and California who sells them for a thousand bucks and when he has a surplus, he sells them to the regular folk for his price! How wonderful some people are! It has a foot board that matches the headboard but you can't see it here.

The animal kingdom has it about right. what animal does not just lay down and sleep when they are tired? Why don't we do that in America? In Venezuela, where I went on a mission, EVERY establishment closes for 2 hours in the middle of the day for rest time! HELLO! No wonder they are such happy people!

This is my dog Duke, and his babies Sally and I don't remember the other's name! He was a stray that adopted us! We have two other cats besides these two. They stay outside which I like! Duke is my sweet heart! He is 9 now and is basically everyone's mommy out on our little farm! Anyway, To all of you out there who don't get enough sleep....

May your head rest easy tonight. May your dreams be sweet and relaxing. May your bed be soft and compfy, and may you be blessed with the ability to sleep in once in a while!

Good night, my friends.


Kimberly said...

wow, the places children can sleep! My son used to sleep upside down and just about everywhere.

I love that bed! I need a kind size bed with a 6 foot 3 inch hubby it would be greand.

Kimberly said...

Oh I love your purple cast and I think we should have a siesta here in America maybe we could send around a petition and then vote on it?

Yolanda said...

Yup...I understand...and yes...I am writing this at 12:41 am...Siestas would be great--but I doubt my kids would cooperate!(I hate naps that are with one eye open...)

Maren said...

I love my sleep. I used to be a complete night owl until Reilly was born. His first two years with hardly any sleeping going on, cured me of that. I think I have actually become a morning person. I get so tired at night now that I can't stay up long, if I wanted to.