Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wet Desert

I have just finished a really good book. It made me think of things I've never really thought about before.

The story centers around the Colorado River and the controversy around all the dams that block it up.

Before the river was dammed, only about a thousand people ever saw Glen Canyon. That is the canyon that is now under Lake Powell. It was said to be spectacular. Another thing I learned from the story is that the Colorado River Delta is bone dry now. It used to be an oasis for thousands, possible millions of birds and other animals like jaguars and cougars etc.....

Yet, as the story explains, the major cities in Arizona, Southern Cal, and Nevada would not be able to exist with out it.

The story is about an environmentalist who takes it upon himself to right what he sees as a problem. He bombs Glenn Canyon Dam. The story is about the people affected. The ones on Lake Powell at the time, and all the people down the river at the Grand canyon and Hoover dam. Plus all the other smaller communities and dams down the way. The incredible flooding and the many deaths caused by the catastrophe. It is so well, written, very touching and gives both sides of the issue and equal say.

What is the right thing to do? I actually really liked what the end decision was in the book. It made everyone happy. I wish we could really compromise in real life. It would be wonderful to restore the Delta and have people cut back a little and possibly live with desert scape instead of green grass.

DO we waste? Do we abuse what we have? Was it taken with no consideration to our earth and wild life and even each other? Was the River given to us to use and not just to look at? These are the questions I have been asking myself since reading this book. I couldn't lay it down. I definitely recommend it!

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Lisa M. said...

I have not read this book, but I like these kinds of things.

I've strong ties to Lake Powell and have family that make their living, on that lake.

It's always such a toss up and concern isn't it?

What do we take for survival and what do we do with out, for conservation.

It's a question.

If everyone lived a conscience life, what would our environment look like?

I like these things, that make ya think!