Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bad Dogs

I want to just say, that normally, I love dogs. I have 3. I train them to behave and they are well behaved.

My neighbors on the other hand are not on the same wave length. I am to the point that if their dogs come after me again, I'm calling the police.

Every morning that I go out to run (ya right. let's just tell the truth here and say walk), these dogs come after me from their porch barking and ready to bite. Normally dogs will just bark and act vicious to scare you away. Then there are the dogs who come after you that really will bite. One of their dogs bit Jake when they first moved in. Another of their dogs bit my little neighbor boy. Those were different dogs than they have now.

I have now idea what they are doing but they are raising mean dogs for some reason. The problem is that they are really nice people. I like them a lot. I tried calling them as soon as I got home but they don't use an answering machine and no one answered. I know they were home.

So, I will see them at church and tell them there. Wish me luck. I hate being one of those ornery neighbors that always complains, but I've had it!


Lisa M. said...

Okay if it is the people on the corner, I totally agree. MEAN DAMN DOGS. I hate them. Not to mention they chase the CARS. What the snot of budda is that?

Good luck, and know, that you are NOT the only one who feels that way about them. They have been complained about before.

Now, lets talk about this walking thing.

WHY don't I come with you? Do you go at weird hours of the day? We should do this together.

I need to vent/walk. *Smile*

I love you too, Melissy girl.

I am thinking about you this Memorial Day weekend.

I think about you a lot.

I think you should blog about your Mum, and the experiences you had with her. I need to hear them.

Much love-

Jennie said...

i will be honest i am not really a dog person...

however, i am really really not a mean dog person!

i hope the chat went well!