Thursday, May 22, 2008

David Cook

I have followed American Idol avidly this season. From the very beginning I have loved David Cook! I love the slightly gravelly voice, his rugged looks and his talent in musical arrangements. Plus he plays the guitar! I have voted for him many times and downloaded many songs of his as the season went on.

Now, I didn't vote for him every time. I honestly voted for who I thought performed the best on that night.. On the last night, I did vote for Archuleta because I thought he performed better that night, but I have to admit, Cook has been my favorite all along. I am glad he won. Let me tell you why.

Cook is older,more mature, more experienced and better for the job this year. I am sad for Archuleta but relieved too. I think that that "world" corrupts. Even the best of us are affected whether we admit it or not. I didn't want that to happen to little David. He is so naive and innocent. So sweet and wholesome still. He didn't pick up on the dirty jokes by the "guru" and is still pure in heart. I love that!

The interviewers were asking Paula about that before the show and she said, "Give him a year or 2". It made me sad. Why is sex, nastiness, immorality and immodesty so "OK" in that world? I don't like it and hope with the fame he has now that he will be able to withstand the evil out there in that world. I wouldn't want my 17 year old son a part of it.

Anyway, enough of my soap box! I am very happy for David Cook and I think he deserved and earned it!


Lisa said...

Ah, I am so glad to find someone who likes David Cook.

I've not watched it at all this year.

My family was watching it,when I got a yahoo notification that Cook had won.

I don't think those things are okay. I don't even think that in Hollywood they are okay, anymore.

Our society is so screwed up.

S'mee said...

I noticed how sweet D.A was and hope he can stay that way and have success as well. A few seem to be able to, but most, no.

D.C. was my pick as well for many of the same reasons. Either way both of them have had enough exposure to go on to much.

Jennie said...


i totally agree!