Tuesday, May 06, 2008

My vice!

I want to be honest here. I feel frustrated that I can't talk about something I really love to do for fear of being criticized by those who really have no place to judge.

I am talking about how much I enjoy playing "World of Warcraft". Yes, I am completely aware that there are people out there with strong opinions but I don't think WoW is a bad thing. It is one of those things that is set up in a way to keep you wanting to play. That is just good business. People need to decide for themselves how much they want to play and I do know people who play too much. Is that WoW's fault? I don't think so. The game is no more at fault than the grocery store for letting an extremely over weight person buy crispy creme's.

That being said..... I play wow! I do laundry. I take my kids to piano, dance, baseball, school etc.... I go to meetings, teach primary, Sing in the choir ( when I can make myself go), Soak in the tub reading great books, visit family, chat on the phone with friends and watch Rachel Ray.

I am amazed how many wonderful people play that game. I have made SO many dear friends who I look forward to chatting and playing with when I get on. I would rather play than watch tv most of the time. I play when the kids take naps and sometimes at night after I put them to bed.

I have played for a year and have one level 70. I just got there! I just love her!

Level 70 is as high as you can go. I know a lady, who I just love, that has like 3 or 4 level 70's. She has played as long as I have. I think she plays too much but she plays with her husband and they are both retired and their son is grown and out of the house now and who am I to judge anyway!?

I have 2 "toons" I love to play with. My 70 is named Blackonyx. She is a "Night Elf" hunter. She has a pet tiger who helps her. She uses a bow and traps and is so much fun! Then I have my Shaman. She is a Dranai. I call her Sisina and she uses totems and has magical powers and can heal.

This may sound stupid to you but I am very attached to these pretend people! I love having something fun to do when I don't feel like doing anything else.

I used to think this game was SO stupid and a complete waist of time. My friend who plays kept nagging me to try it so to get her off my back, I did. It is kind of complicated and there were many times at the beginning when I thought it wasn't worth learning to play but once I did, it became a lot of fun.

I used to be so judgmental of my sister who let her kids play game boy or Nintendo and thought they were too addictive and that she should make her kids do something more productive. Like she said to me, you have to know when to limit. Use it to motivate. Be strict with your own guidelines and it stays a good, fun thing. She was right.

I love meeting other "players". I just found out a lady in my ward plays and has a level 70. It really surprised me because....well, it just surprised me! Now we love to talk about it together and have something in common that we didn't before.

I have a neighbor who told her son he was not allowed to watch us play let alone play on our computer, (which I wouldn't allow anyway), but he is my sons best friend. She told her son it is black magic! I just had to laugh. There is no blood and guts and most of the time, you are killing monsters. It's a lot like Lord of the Rings, which I loved too.

Anyway, I just want to be able to share about the things I like. We all have our vices!


Yolanda said...

You go, Blackonyx!!!

melissa c said...

Reading that made really made me smile!

That is really my name. That is what everyone calls me. It's so fun. In fact, my friend, who's called Lavendrop was telling everyone that she and Blackonyx were going to Texas!

I feel like it's just as much my name as Melissa. Well....almost!

Island Queen said...

That's so cool! My DH loves Call of Duty 4. Any spare time he gets he plays. All his cousin's play. And these men are in mid - late 30's! DH will be 36. For Father's Day I'm getting him a new microphone and camera for his Xbox 360 so he and 'his boys' can see each other.. LOL..

If you find something you love, are good at then good for you! If you can moderate it then don't worry what everyone else says.

Now I'll have to try this game :-)

Tash said...

I use to be one of those people who thought the game was dumb lol. untill my sister moved half way accross the country. she played and wanted me to play so we could run around together. how fun for us who cant see each other physically to be able to have 2 characters that can talk hug, play and share in something together. and on the way i have met many der friends from all over the country and world!! I am lavendrop. lvl 70 night elf hunter, with a pet tiger named icedagger. I am in a guild(group) called knights of twilight where the average age is 40ish :) and we all enjoy playing ...and yes people do become addicted, but i see them become addicted to many things and i think if u use it in a positive way i see no problem..like when i get to hug my sister

melissa c said...