Tuesday, May 27, 2008

K, getting my hair done today. I don't know what it is about getting your hair done but I almost feel like a new woman thinking about it!

I wanted to tell any of you who might possibly read this how much I look forward to reading your posts every day. I love this network of friends I have here in cyberspace.

Thank you for always being a part of my day.

I spent the day yesterday with my little sister. They are building a new house and are in the late stages, almost ready for the final inspection. She is overwhelmed with everything that still needs to be done.

I haven't had many oppurtunities to go down and help with Wyatt being sick for so long and the kids in school etc... But yesterday, I was able to go (with the whole fan damly) to help. Sometimes I wonder if people would rather not have the help with the 5 kids I bring with me but to be honest, we had a blast!

We made like 3 or 4 trips taking boxes and putting them in her storage room. All of you who have built know that you cant move in before inspection yet, you're supposed to move out of where you are living on a certain date! What happens when they are different dates???? lol

Any, it was fun to see all the cool things they are doing with their house. They have a fireplace outside on their patio which I loved. They have a pot filler over their stove area which is REALLY cool! Everything in oil rubbed bronze which I love. Beautiful plush carpet that you sink in to. Vaulted cielings with a rock fireplace that goes to the top. Heated floors in the bathrooms and beaitful tiles. The hardwood would melt your heart not to mention the game room, movie room, massage room, play room, mud room and all the other beautiful things they have come up with.

This is their second house to build so they have learned the hard way what to do and what not to do. If I ever build, she is coming with me to help plan!

Their house will be wonderful. A place where adult and child will want to hang out ALL day. I think I will find myself sitting next to their new pool frequently, or maybe playing pool. I don't know for sure, but I think I want to move in with her!


Lisa M. said...

Sounds like a neat place! For certain!

I drove by and drove by (you know me, with gas at four dollars a gallon, how can I resist driving)but alas didn't see your van!

I am glad you enjoyed your time with your sister! That is just neat.

Remember, it isn't what we have, it is who we are, that makes the difference.

I'd hang out at your haciendas anytime!

Jennie said...

oh how i love "haircut day"! it is my favorite day of the week... whenever it is! lol!

the house sounds amazing! i want one! maybe someday...

S'mee said...

I have always enjoyed the feeling of fresh trimmed or cut hair. What is it about having someone else wash your hair? I use the same shampoo/conditioners as my gal, but my hair NEVER feels the same as it does the day she does it. Love that. I feel all swishy afterwards. : >

Soooooo show up a photo of the new cut!

Lisa M. said...

LOVE the new do! It's great!

We need a photo, and also a mean dog update!

I enjoyed my tryst with Bry yesterday, before you came home and broke it up!


Are we on, for tomorrow? I need a good flick!