Friday, November 09, 2007

Random thoughts

I like Lisa's idea about random thoughts. I think I will do it too.

1. I went to the doctor to get a flu shot today. They were out when I got there. They took blood to run tests to see why I am sooooo tired all the time. He thinks I could have mono. I don't think I am making out enough to have mono! lol They will test my thyroid, and for Epstein bar and a few others too. It will be interesting to see what happens if anything at all.

2. My oldest turns 12 next week. We are going to have a fear factor party for him. It will be a blast.

3. I am so tired and out of it that I got the wrong day on the vote and missed it. I also showed up early for my doctors app. today. I went at 9:30 when I was supposed to go at 10:45. What a space cadet.

4. My sister had her 3rd baby this week! It is very exciting to me. I haven't gone to see him yet as I have a sore throat. Also a symptom of mono.

5. I went to an awesome training last night for foster care. Learned about emotional coaching. Loved it. Am using it already. Has changed how I deal with my kids anger and sadness. Every parent should take it.

6. The birth mom of my 2 boys is in jail again. Will stay there for a year maybe from what I hear. The debate is if they should give the father reunification. ( for the baby). i hope not

7. Wyatt is now over 11 lbs. he is adorable and I worship him.

8. Byran wants to buy a 15 seater van. yea, fun. I'm rolling my eyes.

9. I have finally discovered at 37 years old that no one in my family gets me. I mean really gets me. It makes me sad.

10. I feel like this has been one of the hardest years of my life. I am actually glad it is coming to an end. I have had a lot of trials and it will feel good to start a new year out fresh. I have learned so much but I wouldn't want to do it again!

11. I am so glad that I play World of Warcraft. It is such a stress reliever for me. I can just zone out for a bit. I never play when the kids are home though. I like to be able to focus on them for the time they are here before bedtime. I play during nap time. Thank heavens for nap time. I have made so many great friends on the game.

12. I have stopped going to clogging. I am too tired at that time of day. 8pm. I usually go to bed at about 8:30pm because I am too tired to stay awake. I take long baths after the kids leave for school and it has been hard to get anything done. It"s not depression, it's different. I hope I figure it out.

13. Thank heavens for good friends who understand me. What I would do without them, I don't know.

14.I sure adore my man. He has been so good to me. It is good to have him home. He was gone for 5 days hunting. That was hard. I forgot a lot of things like the mite medicine in the dogs ears, I forgot feedings, thank heavens Jake remembered those poor animals outside. I forgot appointments and a million other little things. Good thing I have smart kids!

15. That's all for now folks. Thanks for reading. Sorry I haven't been around for a while. It looks like no one has! Hope to see you writing! bye.


Jennie said...

oh.. melissa! i have missed you so much! here are some random thoughts for yours...

1. mono huh? that doesn't sound fun, but it might explain why you feel so weird..

2. happy day to him! fear factor... cool!

3. i get that! i am a space cadet more days than i am willing to admit!

4. ya... love babies!

5. so glad you loved the training! don't you love it when you get great info out of stuff like that? i do...

6. me too...

7. so cute... can't wait to see more pics... (hint hint) lol...

8. cool for you...

9. i am so sorry... some days i feel the same way... i wonder if anyone really get me...

10. i felt that way last year... one of the worst/hardest ever! i was never so happy for a year to be over and a new one to start!

11. never gotten into that... blogging is my relief!

12. i am bummed that you had to stop, you loved it so much! however, i am in bed by 8pm too... i have to be at work at 5am!

13. amen.

14. you know, with all of their faults, those husbands can be pretty great! i love mine too! so glad yours is good to ya!

15. missed ya!

Charlotte said...

I'm totally offended.

Number 15--"Sorry I haven't been around for awhile, IT LOOKS LIKE NO ONE HAS." What am I, chopped liver? I've been a blog posting maniac lately! The funny thing is, I have no idea why.

Anyway, I can't believe you didn't notice. (she said, trying to hold back the tears)

(I'm only kidding--you know that, right? Heavens, if I was dealing with possible mono, and raising a little baby (as well as a twelve year old and a couple of kids in between), and planning a fear factor birthday party, and getting through one of the hardest years of my life, I think I'd probably let a few things slide as well. Heck, I'd probaby show up at my doctor appointment at noon instead of 10:45 or 9:30.)

Love ya.

Jennie said...

hey... just wanted to say thanks for your comments on my blog.

it means alot to me!

Lisa M. said...

I get ya.