Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It was a really good day. I am feeling better and my energy is coming back. Today, I cleaned Seth and Gabe's room which I do a deep clean every few months. It is amazing the amount of garbage they hide in there!

I went to the DI and bought a new mattress and box spring for him. He has needed a bed for a while now and has shared with Jake for the past year. Both are fed up with that arrangement. They sell really nice new ones there. So I came home, set it up, put a cute book shelf in there for his stuff and he has a cowboy motif so I got on eBay and bought matching cowboy quilts for Seth and Gabe.

The quilts are adorable. They have matching shams and the colors match the room perfectly!. I can't wait until they come. They are new too which I like. I don't like to use "used" bedding.

So when the room is complete. I'll take a picture for you all!

I love shopping online. Fast and easy!


Tonya said...

Online shopping is the bomb!!

Glad to hear that you are feeling better. I need to do a good scrub down around here. You have inspired me.

Jennie said...

ya! it sounds so cute!

i am so happy to hear that you are feeling better!

happy thanksgiving!

Lammy said...

Happy Turkey day.
Glad your energizing again!
Hope all goes your way this year!