Monday, November 12, 2007

I have been sick all weekend. Yuck. A bad cold. It started as an innocent sore throat. Who knew it would attack when I least expected it to! Today, I am stuffed up and head achey, tired and coughing. I have still managed to clean my bathroom, fold 4 batches of laundry, take care of the kids, shower and get dressed. I must congratulate myself!

There is nothing worse than feeling under par. I even had a blood test done which came back normal. That means I must be faking! Ha! It was actually good news. Now I have to wonder why I have felt so out of sorts.

I have decided it is a new baby, not enough rest, eating like crap and the constant worry that they will take him away. Plus the other normal stresses of life. Maybe it is stress that completely disrupts our lives. Maybe we just think we are coping when in real life, we are just floating along waiting to get bombarded!

I do believe there is a connection between our health and our brains. I do believe there are things we bring upon ourselves. I do think there are weird flukes out there but really, when we don't get enough rest, exercise, good food, and too much stress, disappointment and negativity, why would it surprise us when we have heart problems, cancer, and illness? Hello??

Anyway. That is how I feel today. There it is. Now I will go lay down until the kids come home. I need to gear up for my conversation with my son. I need to find out why he has an "I" in health and math. Supposedly he caught himself up. I love being able to check it on the computer. Yea for technology.


Jennie said...

i am so sorry that you are not feeling well! i totally believe that your body knows when "enough is enough!"

feel better...

Tonya said...

Stress can really kick you in the pants. Your body will tell you when it's had enough. You have had so much going on that it's not surprising. I do hope things will settle down soon and you feel better soon.

Yolanda said...

Been sick myself...The kind of sick where you don't want to answer or talk on the phone because you sound like a dead corpse from a demonic lineage...Good thing I get to speak in church on Sunday...LOL...or..."GACOL" (Gag-and-cough-out-loud!)