Saturday, November 24, 2007

Well get this, I had missed a message on my cell phone that I found yesterday. It was from my doctor telling me I was positive for Mono. How do you like that. They called and left a message on my home phone that said I was normal on the results on Monday and left a message on my cell on Friday saying I had mono.

So I will have to call on this Monday to make sure but I am pretty sure it was mono. I do feel better but I am still not over it.

Thanksgiving day was wonderful. We went to 2 dinners but it was so fun seeing everyone. The only bad thing about going somewhere else is that there are no leftovers to eat.

We changed Wyatt over to Prevacid and that is working SO much better for his heartburn. The other worked ok for about a week and then he went back to his fussiness. Let's hope this lasts!

It is Saturday and I am wondering if I feel like getting all the Christmas stuff out. Half the kids are sick with this cold and I don't have the energy to do it alone.

Well, I'm tired. Got to go! Love to you all this happy season!

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Jennie said...

feel better!