Thursday, November 29, 2007

Here is the latest! Court was yesterday and it was 4 1/2 hours long and what it all finally came to was no re-unification! YEA!!!!

Re-unification means the state has to help to parent get their child back. The state sets up the plan and offers all the therapy and parenting and drug classes etc....

This Judge is so great. He was the one who did our adoption with Gabe. He said he felt like it was Groundhogs day. That this was the same discussion he has been having with these two people for 4 years. He felt that they had been begged and pleaded with and provided opportunity after opportunity and never rose to the occasion.

Even just last Oct they had both been arrested for being together and having drugs all over the house.

I started to cry when he said that. I was so sure they were going to give reunification. I am so relieved. I just needed to have more faith. I had had numerous answers to prayers that it would all work out but I still couldn't believe it would.

I also just heard that the family who has the 2 sisters of Gabe might not be interested in adopting and they would come to me. It scares the crap out of me but I would not say no. Those poor little girls have been passed around like dirty laundry. At least we could keep them all together.

If that happens, I refuse to listen to anyone's opinion about it. I have already discussed it with certain family members who are extremely negative about it. That is not what I need to hear. No body wants them and I will NOT be another one who says no. They need someone to love and raise them and give them a normal childhood. I know I could do it. I also know there would be times when it was hard and I would want to sell them on e-bay but there are days when I want to do that with my own kids!

People can either support us or keep their mouths shut. That is my opinion. Anyway, that may or may not happen so I'll let you know.


Yolanda said...

I say "WA-HOOOO!!" I think it WONDERFUL!!!

Tonya said...

That is wonderful news. I agree that people should support you are shush their tator traps. You are doing a great job and don't let them tell you differently.

Jennie said...

oh my goodness! how wonderful for you!

ya rah!!!!