Friday, November 30, 2007

I love to shop. There is no there time of year more conducive to shopping than Christmas time. I wish I could shop continuously but I have to wait until I have money in my hands you know!

I found a beautiful bunk bed on sale at and went to buy it from a wholesale furniture dealer! It is so pretty and I will put it up in Heidi's room and when Wyatt is bigger, He'll share her room and have a bed. Her room is to small to put 2 beds in side by side so I bought this for dirt cheap! I bought it is in white though and it will look good in her pink pepto-bismal bedroom!

Anyway, they had a beautiful solid leather living room set I was tempted to buy but refrained. After all, I didn't have THAT much money with me!

I love decorating my house and making it better. I can only do it slowly which is frustrating but little by little, it is becoming more of what I like.

Here is a little side note. Bryan listens to talk radio when he drives and they were saying that Utah is #1 for depression and Meth use. Interesting isn't it? Of all places. Guess which state is the happiest. You will never guess!! South Dakota! That is where we were thinking a going a while ago. Now Bry says So. Dakota is looking better and better! It must be all that farming and hard work that makes people happy! Idaho was high up there too for happiness. We are right next door. What is the difference I wonder? One thing they said was that possibly people here are harder on themselves to do better because of the religion issue and get depressed when they don't measure up to themselves! Who knows?

Anyway, that is the new for today!


Jennie said...

what great deals! love it!

Lisa M. said...

I've read this a thousand times.

We need something new.



melissa c said...

I depend on you to comment EVERY time!!