Monday, February 05, 2007

Good News

OK! I can't take it any more! It is not possible for me to keep my big mouth shut! I have nothing I want to write about but this!

I am having a baby!!!

It's official! We were going to wait a little longer before I announced it but I can't ! I have never been about to wait!

I started to think there was something wrong with me at first because I felt so tired. I couldn't run the length and time I usually do, I felt tired all the time and I had to pee constantly. I thought I was sick.

When I was late, I decided to take a test to be sure but I KNEW it would be negative. It always is. Well folks, it was a positive! Bry is as excited as I am. I was nervous to tell him because we had talked about it and he wasn't all for it but he knew we weren't using protection so I am not all to blame! It takes two! He was really happy though. I think there is this stigma now days that if you act like you want a big family, you are looked down on. I almost feel like I have to act like it's a surprise!

Well, it's not! I wanted this baby! I knew I was supposed to have him. I had an experience about 5 months ago where this feeling came to me that I would get pregnant and it would be a boy and I was even told what I should name him. After that, I got my IUD out but nothing happened. I was so sure of my message that I was flabbergasted that I didn't get pregnant right away. I started to think I had made it all up. It is hard getting used to the fact that our time is not the Lord's time. I always expect things to happen immediately when I get messages like these.

Anyway, we are thrilled. It's all I think about. That means it will feel like forever until he is born.


Yolanda said...

I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!! When is your due date? I can now live vicariously through you, since I can no longer have any "buns in my oven!"

CONGRATS my friend!!

xoxo Yolanda

Jeri said...

that is WONDERFUL NEWS!!!! Congratulations! I'm starting to get the "baby hungries" but then I have a rough day and think "good golly, I can't keep up with the 3 I have..."

Big hugs and barf-buckets to you!

Charlotte said...

This is great news! Congratulations!

(you might get that aphgan yet)

Lisa M. said...

I so already knew-


chronicler said...

Yay! Congratulations Melissa! I am very happy for you. Now the waiting begins!

momyblogR said...

NO WAY! That is GREAT and very exciting. Boy, I'll have to not wait so long between visits....I mean really, look what happened.


Island Queen said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Oh I'm so happy for you! How exciting! :-)