Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I just read Charlotte's post about a dream she had and it got me thinking. I have ALWAYS had really great dreams. It' s like going to a free movie every night. Especially during pregnancy. The other night I dreamt I had had my baby. It was a girl. I realized 3 days later I had never fed her. I had totally forgotten. There was hardly any milk in me and I was freaking out! Come to find out, my sister, T had been nursing her without telling me because she didn't want me to feel bad! Weird!

That same night, I dreamt that I was trying to seduce some young 18 year old. Gorgeous guy. Made up of course. It never happened but man was I in the mood. You know how dreams are! That same night I also dreampt that we were at a restaurant where you cook your own food but you have to wait in line to do it. We were first and Bry was taking forever! He was cooking scrambled eggs with cheese, and steak, hash browns and bacon and sausage. I was so irritated that he was taking so long when there was a long line!! WEIRD! Any weird dreams you've had that stand out in your memories? It's one of my favorite subjects.


s'mee said...

2 nights ago I dreamed I was a Mexican nanny...go figure! But it was cool that I could speak spanish and I was totally tan!

melissa c said...

Maybe that is what you were in a past life! Ha! If that is how is works, I'd hate to find out what my past profession was!

Lisa said...

I have been dreaming a LOT lately. Yesterday I was running from the police who wwanted to do a test on Ethan, that I wouldn't let them.

Ugg, I love that?!