Saturday, February 10, 2007

I had a funny conversation with the hubby last night. He made the comment that ever since I had "found out" that I was pregnant, that I was acting different. Insinuating that I was being different on purpose. I had to laugh. Yea, I am faking being exhausted all the time and I am faking bigger boobs too!

I keep thinking of Chroniclers comment about how now the waiting begins. I have never been good at waiting. This part takes so long. I wish I would be like Cookie and deliver a healthy baby in 2 months! So far so good though. I am not sick yet. Normally, I am sick the whole time. I do feel really tired most of the time and I have to force myself to get on the treadmill (which I am doing pretty good at, by the way) I can't sleep the whole night through and I pee alot but other than those things, I feel great.

I would say that the only things that are really different is that I have no problem saying what I really think and I can't stand my big dogs. I can't take their dirty, smelly selves around me.

We get our taxes done today. That is always a big adventure. When you have your own business, tax day is always a day of fasting and prayer! We always pray that we won't have to pay anything!

It has been so sunny and beautiful lately. I am so ready for summer and swimming and being FAT! There is nothing more exciting than throwing on the swim suit and running for the pool. My kids love it and so do I. We have a really great community pool here. There are slides for the little kids, a big water slide for big people and it has a huge sloping area for toddlers and a big deep end for the brave of heart! My problem is that all 4 of my kids usually want to be in a different part of the pool all at the same time!

I got my hair done the other day. Nothing better than feeling beautiful. So off I go to get beautiful for the day!


Lisa M. said...

Ya know, Meliss,.

I think that you *think* about things a lot. Your mind is always *on*. I actually think that is why you like TV and reading beacause at least until it is over, you have a bit of a *mind* break.

I don't see that you have *changed* since you found out you were pregnant, but it has been something that you can focus your thoughts on.. If that makes sense.

I really love your new hair.

I think you are so beautiful!

chronicler said...

I don not envy the tax day thing. We always wait to the very last day and then cringe at the bottom line. It is hard trying to make sure you have enough to pay the bill. Ick.