Friday, February 16, 2007

Who loves makeup? Most of us wear it. I know I look a heck of a lot better if I have it on. For the past 10 years I have sold Mary Kay. I don't do much of that anymore. I don't know what changed exactly but I got tired of driving long distances to sell nothing. People here love to wear makeup but at Walmart prices.

I had a decent customer base but it has slowly fizzled as I have. Makeup has started to bother my eyes. I still wear it on Sunday and specials days but my eyes feel so uncomfortable when I have eye makeup on.

The hubby says I don't need it but he sure notices and comments on how beautiful I look when I do wear it. What a quandary! Plus, I have become a little lazy. I don't feel like taking the effort to put it on and really, it only takes me minutes! I have gotten really good at being fast but is it worth the irritation to my eyes?

I love to feel dressed up and beautiful but is that what life is supposed to be about? I felt like I always had to look good. I felt I could never relax about it and I felt like I had to talk to every one about it to make my business grow. It was too stressful. I don't like people being afraid of me wanting to sell them something. I don't know. What to do. I have actually found an organic skin care that I like better and makes my skin softer. I still love the makeup but how can I sell something I don't use?!!! Oh well, time for change I guess. I never did it for the money anyway. I just loved the fun, friends and prizes.

Now I have all this product that I need to get rid of. Anyone was some Mary Kay? I am selling it for half price! Of course I am keeping what I like but there is plenty to go around!


Lisa M. said...

OH sis.

It is nice to have a different look once and a while, i think. To be able to dress up and get pretty, but I don't think that *every* day make up is a must. I think it is neat when it is saved for special days.

I actually think you look fantastic. I love how your skin glows, and you simply look beautiful and healthy.

I can tell a difference, when you have make up on, but you look beautiful every day.

melissa c said...

How very nice of you to say that. I love your comments like that. I also know where you live and you know that I know where you live!

Any pressure to be nice?

Jeri said...

when I bailed out of the MAry KAy thing I put my inventory on ebay - I don't remember exactly how Tim set up the auction, but it was something like if the total bid fell into range $A you could pick 2 items, range $B 3 items etc... and then there was also a price if you wanted the whole lot. I sold a couple items lose, then re-listed and sold the remainder of the lot to some buyer who got a good deal... worked for me.

I should probably buy some off you for the 1/2 off price, but I only wear make-up like maybe once a month (special date nights or stuff like that, and even then,m I'm not convinced that I know what I'm doing enough to actually make it look any better than no make-up at all, but at least I mad ethe effort eh?) I'm starting to think I should wear it more often, since I'm getting older and more wrinkly and blotchy, but hey - I'm okay with how I am so what the hey?

I haven't seen you in years - but I'm sure if Lisa says you look great - then you must look GREAT!

Love ya!

Mel said...

If you have the charcoal color eyeliner e-mail me at

I will buy some from you.

I can't go a day without it:)

Lisa M. said...

I love the charcol eyeliner too, but I would like to try a chocolate brown. Do you have any chocolate brown, not that light sable crap, but a darker brown. The lighter one always makes my eyes look red.


Maren said...

I also sold Mary Kay at one point. I used to LOVE my makeup. I loved to dress up and put it on. I do think it made a big difference in how I looked and how I felt about myself. Being sick and at home, where I rarely see anyone, I have gotten lazy and totally out of the habit. I am going to start wearing it more though because I think it makes a difference in how I feel and it would be nice to look nicer for my family too, I think. That is my resolution for this week. I hope you have a good one!