Saturday, October 29, 2005

The Quest

I have started to add some slow jogging to my treadmill routine. I have been trying for three years to get back into running as some of you know. It has been going well.
I have a problem with my sacrum. I also have scoliosis. It's a congenital thing. I was born with quite a few birth defects. (birthday fects, are what I called them as a child). My heart is backwards, I am missing three ribs on the front left side, one of my hips was not fully formed when I was born but is now and I have a few other things that are a little different.
None of these things are even noticeable on the outside. Only if I am naked. Luckily I married a man who doesn't care, has never made a rude comment, acts as though I look like anyone else. AMAZING! Even after 10 years it amazes me. In college I dated a guy that I was serious with who when I told him about the defects (because i did think he aught to know) dumped me. It was a slight blow to my self esteem but I knew there was someone out there who wouldn't be quite so shallow.
Any way, back to running. I have to be soooooo careful about my posture. If I am not running with REALLy good posture, it throws my back out. I do alot of other exercizes to strengthen all those muscles but it is so slowgoing. Why do I even care about running? I used to hate running when I was younger. It was sheer torture. Why don't I fall in love with biking instead? I don't know the answer to those questions. I think it has become a quest, a vendetta, a personal mission, to overcome my obstacles. The funny thing is, I KNOW I will be able to do if I persit long enough. I am promised in the scriptures that if I do what is right I shall walk and not faint, and run and not be weary!!! In the D&C it says that if I have the faith I will be able to leap! There are alot of scriptures like that and I am taking them literally. It does get better all the time. I just need patience, persistance, long suffering (which I am really good at) and alot of prayer! Yea for me!


Anonymously Yours... said...

I think it is great that you are committed to fulfill your goal and desire to run! I've been running for the past 7 years, and really enjoy it! I can tune out everything, OR think about everything when I run...It's great therapy!
Okay...I took college biology...but what is a sacrum? Also (hopefully I'm not being too nosey) does your heart function normally (outside of being turned around?) I have a friend whose son had open-heart surgery when he was 3 days old, so any "stories" about hearts always intrigue me!

Lisa M. said...

OH... there are SO many other birth effects... *laughing* that you have wrong with you, than the physical obvious ones.

Besides, has B ever "seen" anyone else naked? How would he know the difference?



Okay, seriously now,

Sis.. my dearheart. Good luck in your quest, I know how much this haunts you and how important this is to you. God Speed, in finding the answer.

melissa c said...

dear anonymously yours, No you are not being a bit nosey! I love people who are interested in me!! The sacrum is that little triagular bone that sits between your hips and has your tailbone on the bottom of it. You backbone sits on it. Alot of back problems stem from a sacum out of alignment but they don't realize that is the problem but most chiropractors do not adjust it. It's pretty tricky. At least that is what mine tells me. I couldn't live without my chropractor! He has taught me so much about my body! All in a good way of course!