Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Hey there!
I only have a minute to write but I wanted to let you know I am leaving today for my sister's weekend in Vegas! YEA BABY! I could sure use the break! I had the same sickness my kids had but I have something more too. Today is our baby's permancy hearing. I think I have worried about it so much that I have made myself sick. I have a terrible headache that I have had for 3 days and I can hardly bend over or move because of the pain. It's so stupid to worry and make myself sick but I heard the birth mother might have gotten married to the guy she was with before they went to jail. He also beat her up while she was pregnant with my babyand I worry that they ight fight to get him back. I just don't get how some people can be so stupid over and over. Not a very Christ like attitude is it? It's hard after all this time and all the work I did with the birthmom to have her completely revert to the way she was. Anyway..... Have a great weekend and wish me luck! I let ya know what happens!


chronicler said...

Melissa, I will pray that things go well. The old saying, "you have to have a license to get a dog, but they'll let any idiot have a child" comes to mind in this case.

Lisa M. said...

I agree Chronicler!

Have fun sissy! I will be thinking about you!