Saturday, October 08, 2005

oh, the joys

I was awaken last night a 3:00 am by my 6 year old S. He said he didn't feel good and proceeded to throw up! Of course, I dash out of bed steering my child toward the toilet. This happened over and over until I pulled myself out of bed at 8:30am.

A little while later my 3 year old H. wanted me to hold her while I folded laundry. And she said she was tired. (which can mean alot of things). I picked her up and 10 seconds later she threw up all over the front of me and the clothes I had been folding! I run, carrying her to the bathroom.

That bathroom was a disaster so I decided to clean it quickly and put my baby in the tub to play while I did. He had soaked through his diaper and well, that about says it. Well, H. wanted to get in with him so I let her and she threw up again in the tub.

Well, we get everyone all cleaned up, turn on old yeller and relax. I am happy to report, no more puke so far. Normally, I might have my husband here to help but he left early this morning to hunt with his brother for the day. I am taking "airborn" in hopes that I will not get sick myself. I sure hop it works! See ya!


Lisa M. said...

Oh yipes, Sis.

Yipes, yipes, yipes.

How are the chili's?

I really hate throw up!

Cordeiro said...

Could've been worse. They could've waited till Sacrament Meeting or some other equally public forum.

Of course, that's never happened to me...I've blotted that memory from my consciousness.

Ana said...

Oh misery!

This stuff is going around. When my 4yo had it on Thursday, though, it left quickly.

Lisa M. said...

An OH the JOYS of you sharing your illness with US