Friday, October 21, 2005

Viva Las Vegas!

I'm home! actually got home Sunday and it was sooooo fun! I can see why Vegas is addictive and I didn't even gamble! I was still getting over being sick so that was a bummer. I felt tired and had a headache part of the time but it was still so fun.

We saw the show "KA" by cirque du soleil and it was amazing!! I can't even describe it. I saw people do things that don't seem humanly possible. The music was incredible. I bought the CD and listen to it every day. Friends hear it and ask what that awesome music is and want copies!

we saw "Tournement of Kings" at Excalibur and that was so fun and the food was great. I have never been to a place that has so many physically beautiful people who are so talented. Everywhere you turn. It was hard not to stare! In fact, on one of the shuttles there was this beautiful black man in front of me who was hard not to stare at. He was huge and muscular and gorgeous! Well, I didn't want to stare at him so I watched his friend who was also good looking (there was no where else to look) but not like the other guy. well, the black guy started to laugh at me and told his friend that he thought I wanted a picture with him because I couldn't quit staring! I was mortified! I was tempted to tell him it was him I was staring at, not his friend! Anyway, I am married so I looked and didn't touch!

At our hotel there was a lazy river they we relaxed in every morning and then we would go to the strip in the afternoons and evening to see the casinos and eat. I think my favorite was "The Belagio" the fountains there were spectacular! For those who don't know, There is a giant fountain that is choreographed to music. The music is piped in onto the street so no matter where you stand you hear it. It's like watching a ballet. It was so beautiful that it made me cry at one point. It is amazing that a city so filled with filth and sin can is some respects be so beautiful that it can bring tears to your eyes!

We also saw the "Folies Bergere". It is the longest running Vegas show there. We saw the version where the gals are covered. I guess they show the same show topless too. YIKES! we ate at the "house of blues" which was fun and well, I can't believe how much moeny is passed around there! We had a man pay for our whole dinner one night because he thought my sister was beautiful! We all told our husbands about that (those of us who are married) and they said we should be doing that every night! It would make the trip less expensive! HA!

I had a minor miracle happen. At the house of blues I lost $75.00 I didn't know I had lost it. I had just left a bag there at our table that had a couple of cheap souvenirs. I was soooo tired and it was late and I had a headache and we were on the shuttle leaving when I realized it! I almost didn't go back. But we did and when I got back there a man who i think was the manager asked me if i had lost any money. i said that I didn't think so but my sister told me to check. she also told the guy that I was really honest and didn't even let her go movie hopping when we were together! Like that would matter! I checked my purse and sure enough there was money missing. The guy asked about how much and I said maybe about 75 bucks. He said is was 76.00 and handed it to me. I cound't believe it. As we walked away, I started to cry. It was an overwhelming feeling. Anyone could have picked it up and kept it. It really touched me that I felt like God gave me a little gift and here I was in a seedy casino surrounded by smoke and booze, feeling sick and tired and just wanting to go to bed. I am so glad I listened to that feeling to go back because I really did almost decide not to.

There were a few ups and downs. When you get 6 women together for 5 days there are bound to be little tiffs but the thing I like is that we always make up quick and no one holds a grudge. I am the only one who is active LDS among us so I did tend to temper our outings a little but there are just some things that even I won't do!

well, It was great! sorry I haven't written for a while. I needed to recuperate!


Ana said...

It sounds great! I did a girls' weekend in Vegas with some friends last spring and enjoyed many of the same things, especially the Bellagio fountain. That was just awesome! You totally make me want to go back!

Glad you're safely home!

Lisa M. said...

Welcome back!


I am so glad you had a good time!

Maren said...

I haven't been to Vegas for ages. It's lots of fun.