Tuesday, October 25, 2005

to be or not to be

I had an interresting experience this morning. In my 3 year olds dance class, it was "invite a friend week" so I had invited a new neighbor of mine who has a little girl who is 3 too. It was alot of fun and this gal really loves to visit. we talked about alot of different subjects.

She is not LDS and we had started talking about her minister and where she goes to church. She told me she was raised Mormon kind of as a child because of neighbors who took her to church when she was young. She even was baptized at 8 yrs.

She told me she had alot of questions when she got older and the thing she said she couldn't swallow was Joseph Smith. She started to tell me about how dishonest she he was because of books she had studied. She said that none of his prophesies had ever come true and that he supposedly admits to a bunch of lies in his personal journals and she said a bunch of other stuff. She said it in such a way that left no room for discussion. I don't know what she expected me to do but I wasn't going to start an argument. I just said what I have always said to members of my own family. If you are going to study a controversial subject, you need to look at both sides, and that people have been trying to disprove Joseph Smith from the beginning just like they do to Jesus. I said that people need to find something that gives them a foundation and that works for them and hold to that.

I would have said more but it just didn't feel right. I am not the kind to go around testifying to everyone. Maybe that is what we should do? But I don't feel comfortable doing that. I much prefer not not be bold! I do like to bare my testimony in softer, subtle ways that won't start a fight or cause contention. Maybe I am a chicken but hopefully, God will forgive my cowardess.

Anyway, this friend and I parted as friends and I hope we stay that way. She is really nice and I like her but it bothered me that she would say what she did without any consideration to the fact that it IS somthing I do believe in. Wierd. Well, see ya!


Anonymously Yours... said...

I have found that those who have the most "material" or "proof" to discredit the Church are those who are trying very hard to convince themselves...I have a family member who is very opposed to the church, and like your friend, has done "research" on the matter. Whenever this sibling is engaged in discussion about the gospel, their defenses are always ignited. I always think of how soft, genuine, and lovingly President Hinckley answers questions about our faith. We all have our free-agency, and it is up to us to live as we believe. Therefore, if we are all doing this, when that judgement day comes, I know that I "did it my way," and I will have to be held accountable for it. I don't feel it is necessary to get into arguments, etc. in defending our religion, but to live it to the best of our abilities, and have THAT be our statement to others. Glad you're back from your trip!

Island Queen said...

I think you handled it well. It is hard when people just come at you with their 'findings' - really what do they expect to accomplish?

You did well and I'm sure Father is pleased that you treated your sister with kindness and respect.

PS - thanks for the link :-)

chronicler said...

Contention never convinced anyone of anything. You were right in listening to the spirit not to go forward. Your example and that of your family will show her the truth in ways that cannot be spoken. Just keep being who you are and the truth will bear witness to her .