Thursday, November 03, 2005

Takin' out the trash

I sat down just now to type a little on my blog and noticed how awful my computer desk looked. So I took a minute to organize it. Lots goes in the garbage, everything else I need gets tucked away nicely in it's spot. I love to organize. I love to find the perfect spot for each thing and I LOVE to throw crap in the garbage!

I can't even begin to explain how good it feels to fill up that garbage can and get rid of clutter that pollutes my world. It is alot like repentence. Sometimes we hang onto things that we think we can't possibly live without and yet it is those very things that clog up our lives and hold us back from feeling free of it.
It's funny how lits bits of notepaper that I am sure I will want someday have been messing up space for over 3 years! I knew I would never use it so in the trash it goes! Yesterday I went through my closet and filled a kitchen garbage bag for the DI. My hubby hates it when I get into one of these purges and goes around asking if I threw this or that away of his!
In my life, I love to get rid of my bad habits too but it is a little more difficult and more time consuming! It feels good that I seldom eat fast food, I almost never drink pop and when I do it is only a few sips. Once it was out of my system, to drink it again burns my throat and gives me gas! I try to exercize every day and I seldom eat white flour or sugar. Now I am not anal about not eating these things but my body has never felt better. I feel healthy and strong and energetic. Why did I wait until my thirties to clean out my life? I guess it is part of owning my choices. Now I am not saying these things to boast. I feel like it is a part of my testimony of the gospel. Not only do I love the Book of Mormon and believe in a modern day prophet but I have a testimony of the power you can receive in living a healthy life. Now healthy to one may be different than healthy to

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Lisa M. said...

Oh dear.

*back space, back space, back space*


You are an awsome example to me, sis.

I just love ya~!