Monday, November 14, 2005

I'm back!

Finally! FINALLY! I have my coputer back!!!! It would not even turn on on Friday! I took it in and just got it back today! It is a terrible thing to be without my baby! Anyway, now I can pay bills! yea!

I am listening to my "KA" cd. I love it. The power of music is a wonderful thing! I turn on my music and all my kids gravitate to my room! They actually start dancing and bouncing around! I love that! I love how different music makes me want to run faster or slower. I love how it makes me depressed or happy or spiritual or whatever.
We have a classical guitarist in my ward. He teaches. He is fantastic. How beautiful it would be to have him play in sacrament meeting. I really bugs me that people like him are not allowed to share their talent because they don't use a bow. I love the guitar so I am partial to it. I have played since high school. I did take a classical guitar class once at the "U" but I never got very good at it. I mainly just accompany myself when I sing.
Well. Thats all for today folks! I need to pay bills now! Love to you all!


Lisa M. said...

Who is the guitarist? Good heavens.

Welcome back. What did you decide to do about your teacher?

Heavens. I need to get out more!

Love ya.

Anonymously Yours... said...

Glad to have you back! "Melissa-withdrawals" are not fun...(sigh of relief)