Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Well, the latest is this. I had to take my computer back AGAIN today to fix something they did to it while it was there that wasn't right! I could save alot a money if I just learned how to do it myself! I have tried but that is a whole nother story with a tragic ending!

Today is my sweet 10 year olds birthday! 10 Years!!! It is so hard to believe. He is so big and almost wears the same size shoes as me! He is the one in the picture with me on my blog but that was a couple of years ago!

He is so smart and confident and handsome! He talks, talks, talks, talks, talks all the time. It drives my husband crazy! But J is just like me! I totally relate to him. He is so yellow! Do you all know the color test? J just wants to play, play ,play all the time! I am a blue-yellow and know how he feels. I would much rather play first and if there is time, get my work done.

J gets good grades and loves science. I want to thank you for your ideas for help with his teachers. He has 2 teachers. I made up a progress report on the computer and I even called it a "Ninja Report". It has really helped and now we get homework done that before, I didn't even know he had! Yea! It is a real feeling of relief! He doesn't even mind it. At first he was worried that the other kids would notice and think less of him or something but his friends actually think it is cool! Another Yea!

Thank you all so much for your comments and help! I love you all.
Lisa, the guitarist is chris Norman's son in law who lives with them while they are building. I think they are building.


Island Queen said...

Happy Birthday J! You sound like an awesome kid!!

Anonymously Yours... said...

Congrats on the "Ninja Report!" You do realize that now you have entered the highly coveted rank of "Ninja Mom..." which means you are all-knowing, totally cool, can break a board in half, kung-fu master and mom-elite...Welcome!!
Yes, I've done the color test and...(don't be afraid)...I'm a RED! Luckily I married a "yellow," so it is a nice balance!

Lisa M. said...

Humm I wonder what "colour" I am? *chuckle* Paul says, I am yellow, yellow, yellow. *Grin* He uses that as ammo. He is white, as I would guess B is too?

OH Happy Birthday Dear J! He is a sweetie.

I love ya sis.