Monday, November 07, 2005

daily life

It's family night once again. My husband has been out of town since Wednesday on a hunting trip. I am a little hormonal and really wish I could just put all my kids to bed at 5:00pm. So what I actually do is pray really hard for the patience not to do anything rash and awful. The thought pops into my head to take my kids to Leatherby's for a fun night. Now mind you, I did grow up here in Utah and no, I have never been to Leatherby's. At least that I can remember.

We hopped in the car at a little after seven and are back by 8:00. It was just what I needed. It helped me to feel fun again when I was is such a crabby mood. I had the "Black and Tan". It's my brother's favorite. It was so good that it made me sick. Literally. I am not used to that much sugar! But it was to die for. I did not eat it alone thank heavens!

Anyway, the reason I was feeling so crabby was my 10 year old came in from school and handed me a math test with a minus 17!!!! No, I did NOT get mad at him. we proceeded to sit down and re-take the test together so I could show him where he had gone wrong. It was actually fun. From there, it was hard not to notice how terrible his hand writing was. I couldn't even read it half the time. So I asked him to practice a few rows of the alphabet. He was happy to. Then we practiced his name which is the worst (I did not say this to him by the way). By this time he was starting to get mad at the continuing penmanship practice and he got really rude to I told him that he could write an essay on being nice to his mom and sister who he had also yelled at. At the time it seemed fitting punishment! As I write this, I can see why he might have gotten tired of it. Maybe I went a little overboard but sometimes I feel like I have to correct things before they get too much worse. I can't believe he would be stuggling in math this way and I not know. Why couldn't his teacher tell me? Why do I NEVER see any homework assingments come home BEFORE the test? I feel like I need to call his teacher every day to see how he is really doing. I haven't done this and his real problem is that he just goes too fast. He picks it right up when we do it together. I don't know. I am very sensitive to this because I struggled all through school and never felt smart or did well on tests and I don't want my own kids to feel that way. It is so hard to know if you are doing things the right way for your kids.

Well, I really want to buy an ipod nano. I have been down loading all my music onto the computer. I am tired of running with my big old cd player. Anyone know where I can get one cheap? Right! well, thanks for listening. night everyone.


Lisa M. said...


My dear my dear. I ahve been thinking about ya. Is B home yet?

First off, this frustration happens all time with school it is VERY difficult for me to know where the kids are at school. Did you know you could ask for a daily sign sheet, where the teacher records how your children do through out the day on different subjects? I know it might make our boy stick out a bit, but maybe that would help ease your frustration?

Trust me, I know it sucks. I am glad you had a good time at Letherbys. You should try their sandwhiches. Pricy but OH so delicious.

Ipods and Ipod Nano's are NOT the only kind of MP3 player on the market. You can get a good MP3 player at Wal-mart for 40 bucks. Its not the best, but its better than nothing. Best Buy is a GREAT place to get one too. We got Vix's there last year for Christmas for 80. and it works like a charm.

When I raise from the dead, I'll come see ya. I have LOTS of scout stuff for ya.

See ya later aligator, and don't be so hard on yourself.

Love ya.

Lisa the Wondergal

Island Queen said...

Melissa - I totally know what you are saying. I was right on with the kids and homework and that two week work assignment I did seems to have caused DS (11) to spiral down into bad grades. What the heck? How can two weeks result in 3 weeks of make up work, getting a report sent home - he's not being focused in class and so on. Dang .. it was only two weeks!

Guess we hang in there and keep plodding along as my mum always said. :-)

Good luck to you!

Anonymously Yours... said...

#1...I had HUGE appreciation for your "put all my kids to bed at 5:00pm..." LOL LOL LOL!!
#2...If your gut/instinct is telling you to talk to the teacher, talk to the teacher! My son is 9 (now), and had a teacher in 2nd grade that NEVER told me ANYTHING until I showed up at parent-teacher conference. And what made things worse, is she expected ME to come up with ALL the answers...I truly felt like I home-schooled him the entire year! (We were lucky, and found a GREAT tutor--if you want her number, I will give it to you--and she ended up being his 3rd grade teacher the following year--HUGE difference!) I figure, who is going to be the biggest advocate for our children if it isn't US?! Ask for more communication, daily/weekly updates ( I agree with Lisa M), etc. I made up a "Ninja Report" (he was into ninjas at the time) and we had a checklist of 5 areas that a "ninja" had to "master,: (paying attention, finishing work, asking questions, etc.) It worked pretty well, and only took the teacher a few minutes to go over with him everyday before school was over. There was a rating scale, and we had made a rewards system for incentive.
I fully support your quest for an MP3...I have an Ipod Shuffle, and it is WONDERFUL! It comes with a "necklace" accessory, so it is totally hands-free, skip-free, care-free!
I will be thinking of you at 5pm today...may the force be with both of us!

Lisa M. said...

Hey my sister is on the phone. She was asking me some computer questions. She actually has her son's teacher email her a weekly progress report?!

Would that work with Our teacher

Stephen said...

Ipods and Ipod Nano's are NOT the only kind of MP3 player on the market. You can get a good MP3 player at Wal-mart for 40 bucks. Its not the best, but its better than nothing.

Very good point. If you are happy with 40-50 songs to listen to, then all of the inexpensive ones will work perfectly for you.

It is only a problem when you are going to keep all of your music on the player. Then, a Nano is "cheap" at Target for $200.00 -- when they have them in stock (people buy them to resell on e-bay for $230.00, sheesh).

I'm a real believer in the cheap players ;)