Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Well, I did it again!! I can't believe it. I just wrote my blog in word perfect and forgot to save it and when I was copying and pasting, I lost it!

So I will try to re-write it as best I can. I come from a large family. I have 3 brothers and 5 sisters. We are all very close. In fact, us girls are all best friends except for one. One of my siters is adopted and we got her when she was almost 18. It was really hard when she came because she had alot of baggage. She had lived in 10 different foster homes, had been sexually, verbally, and emotionaly abused. She sucked her thumb and was very immature and my Dad really catered to her which caused problems in itself. We weren't a perfect family but we all grew up really loving eachother.
My sisters and I get together every year for our sisters weekend no matter where we are living. I have 2 sisters in California, 2 in Oregon and there are 2 of us in Utah. Annette, my adopted sister never has money and her life is always in a crisis somehow. She always comes to our weekends but never brings much with her. We all have to work hard to save our money to go and yet it seems like someone is always having to bail her out or pay her way or something and she has worked it so that people feel sorry for her and do it. Well, we are not doing it this year. We are going to Vegas and everyone has known for a long time that we are going to a couple of shows and to save their money.
I spoke to her last week and as usual she doesn't have much to bring but says that she is perfectly fine not going to the shows and just sitting by the pool. Now, picture what will happen when the 5 of us go out and she stays at the condo. One of my sisters suggested an Annette fund so she can go with us. The rest of us flatly refused that idea. We have all payed her way before and we are all tired of it. Tell me, am I just being selfish and un-Christ like or should we let her shoulder her own responsibilities for a while. Maybe she will learn if no one comes to her rescue this time.

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Lisa M. said...

I want to be one of your sisters. Can I just tell you that? Where do I sign up? *sigh*

I feel very slighted in my lack of normal sisters. (now, how un-Christlike is THAT)

I don't think that you should repetedly have to pay for your sister every year. I am well aware of the finacial sacrifices that you make every year, so that you can enjoy your sisters weekend. Its nuts that she can't save enough to attend the fun things.

I do think that the things we live with in our youth effect the way we act as adults. I also think that we have control over our actions, so lets just chalk it up, to our youth experience INFLUENCES our choices as adults.

I wonder, could you suggest to Annete that through out the next coming year, that she send one of your sisters a check for 10-20 dollars each month, to keep for her, so that when sisters weekend comes around next year, that she will have a nest egg for it? That might help, and not be so offensive?

Do you think that maybe your Dad could be approached? Maybe a quick little email to him, stating the problem, and asking him if he could be the one to suggest a savings program for her?

Just a thought.

I am so jealous that you are going with out me. Good heavens, rudey butt.

Maybe we need a sisters weekend of our own!