Monday, September 26, 2005

afternoon quickies

I love an afternoon quicky. Normally, by the time I am ready for bed, I am exhausted, tired, possibly irritable and NOT in the mood. You know what I mean? Well, My husband is a plumbing contractor and can be home at any time during the day when business is slow.

During the afternoon (early or late), when he sun is warm and I am taking a little break from housework, laundry, kids etc... I sometimes look over at B. Who usually takes a 15 min. rest after lunch, and ask,"In the mood for a quicky?"

Well, It always starts out wonderful but like clockwork, one of our kids comes to the door and wants in. I will usually yell, (and in a not so nice voice) that theyhad better stay out and not try to come in. That we are having a rest time. I have to be specific here and tell then not to try to come in because our door can be unlocked from the outside pretty easily! It's the suspence, though, that makes it so much fun!

Then the telephone will usually ring or someone will come to the front door or my three year old will come and sit by the door and cry or beg to come in. You ask why we go to the trouble to do a day timer? Well, it's like being a kid again, trying to get away with something, wondering if you'll be caught! We love it and it makes us feel young! It is worth it too because once in a great while, no one bothers us. Ah,..... love in the afternoon.


Anonymously Yours... said...

We recently had "the talk" with our oldest child, and laid out a pretty clear definition of sex, how it is "executed," etc. A book we used mentioned how a lot of times making love is done in a bed...Everytime I shut the door to our bedroom when my spouse and I are there together (whether getting dressed, talking, praying, and .... you know...), I am just waiting for the sound of, "I KNOW WHAT YOU GUYS ARE DOING IN THERE!!"

Lisa M. said...

I am the one that is callilng and calling, isn't that right? *LAUGHING* first the home phone... then your cell phone.. then B's cell phone... and then the home phone again...


Oh, your little afternoon quickies might be fun, but you better make sure the blinds are down, I know where your bedroom window is, and I have a GREAT camcorder!


Sis, thank you for being so open and honest.

Suzie Petunia said...

You have left me speechless and blushing. :) And jealous. I wish my husband came home in the afternoon...